"Providing an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students"
"Integrating technology is not about technology--it is primarily about content and effective instructional practices. Technology involves tools with which we deliver content and implement practices in better ways. Its focus must be on curriculum and learning. Integration is defined not by the amount or type of technology used, but by how and why it is used." -Earle, R.S. 
"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important." 
-Bill Gates 


  • CES Classrooms are equipped with a projector, teaching computer, DVD/VCR, sound system, document camera, and a teaching iPad. Grade K-1 classrooms are equipped with a Promethean Board.
  • CES has 40 laptops for Grades K-2. Grades K-2 have some of those laptops set up in a K-2 lab setting, and the rest are in their classrooms. K-2 are scheduled for a time each week in this lab, and they are able to sign up for additional time as well.
  • Grades 3-6 have a grade level wireless laptop cart. Non traditional classroom teachers have a laptop cart as well that has been divided up among those classrooms with some staying on a mobile cart for checkout.
  • Grades K-2 have 5 class iPads for student use that they can pool from their grade level to do whole class instruction if needed.
  • Grades 3-5 have 2-4 class iPads for student use that they can pool for whole class instruction if needed.
  • Grade 6 has a class set of iPads for individual student or whole class instruction.
  • CES teachers have a teacher iPad assigned to them for use in professional learning and teaching.
  • CES has two Lantronix print servers so that our iPads and Chromebooks will print to our K-6 & Library network printers.
  • All CES computers have copier printing capabilities. Each grade level/area/office has a network printer in close proximity. 
  • CES has 2-3 class sets of Chromebooks in grades 3-6
  • CES 5th and 6th grade science has a class set of Chromebooks.
  • The CES Library has several search stations as well as a class set of Chromebooks for use with classes. They also utilize the nontraditional laptop mobile cart.
  • CES Sixth grade teachers and students utilize the Canvas Learning Management System. 
  • All CES teachers and students have Google users already set up for use with Google Drive and Classroom. Student Google Gmail is restricted for K-5 students and filtered for grade 6 students.
  • All CES students and staff have a Microsoft 365 account already set up.
  • All CES students and staff have a personal network drive and a shared drive space that is backed up on our server. 
  • All CES teachers have a Brainpop Educator account and access to ExamView software and test banks.
  • CES students and staff have online curriculum access for their Language Arts, Math and Social Studies.
  • CES teachers and students have access to a classroom that is a collaborative space with an Interactive Projector/Whiteboard. The conference room and library are also set up with an Interactive Projector.
  • CES teachers and students have access to ClassLink where they can store login information for online programs and access network, Google & 365 in one place from any device from school or home.


Kindergarten: Johnna Noles
First Grade:  Rachel Anderson
Second Grade:  Julia Waldrum
Third Grade:  Laura Rives
Fourth Grade:  Scott McKerley
Fifth Grade:  Kristin Penuel
Sixth Grade:  Elizabeth Studinka
Special Subjects: Kimi Blanton
Library Media: Ruth Moore
Special Education: Lauren Anson
Administrator: Laurie King
District Technology Director: Donna Williamson 
Building Technology Coordinator: Paula Stanbridge

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