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Students: "We have the best students in the world…They are a pleasure to work with… The students are motivated, helpful and respectful…They have been a joy to teach… The children are curious and eager to learn." 

Commitment to Students: "There is a fundamental belief here that says, ‘We will do whatever it takes to help children grow and learn.’ … I appreciate the fact that Mountain Brook is serious about providing students with the best learning experience possible." 

Involvement of Parents: "The parents are very easy to work with because they are committed to learning… Parents are caring, watchful and demanding (as they should be)… Parents are very supportive of all our educational efforts." 

Teamwork: "There is an atmosphere of support among the teachers that is second to none… I have never worked anywhere that had more camaraderie and people going out of their way to help one another… Teachers work together as a team providing any kind of needed assistance for first year teachers and teachers new to the system… One always has the sense that you are a part of a family of educators." 

Innovation: "We are encouraged to try new teaching methods without the fear of failure… We have an excellent support system that enables us to try innovative teaching strategies." 

Professional Development: "The system encourages lifelong learning. I have been afforded multiple opportunities to learn and grow as a professional… The opportunities for professional development are almost limitless… I appreciate the fact that Mountain Brook realizes the importance of staff development and provides us with many avenues for professional growth." 

Technology: "I joined the Mountain Brook team because of technology and professional development… Teaching in Mountain Brook is wonderful because of the many resources available to teachers including outstanding technology." 

Administration: "Administrators trust teachers to make wise choices for students… Teachers are supported by administrators that place students and teachers first… It has been my experience that the administration is not only highly qualified but also very accessible. They are committed to the excellence and improvement of their faculty." 

Resources: "You are given the resources that you need to be the best teacher that you can possibly be… The system gives you the time, money and support to help you reach your potential as an educator." 

Working Environment: "I can think of no place I would rather be or anything else that I would rather do… It is a fabulous employment opportunity… I could not imagine working anywhere else… It is a dream place to teach… An atmosphere of friendliness and mutual respect permeates the culture. I find myself wanting to work harder and do better in this highly professional environment."