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Graduation Requirements:

24 credits including 4 English, 4 mathematics (must include Algebra I and Geometry), 4 science (must include Biology and

either Physical Science, a chemistry course, or a physics course), 4 social studies, ½ fine arts, ½ health education, 7 electives

Advanced Diploma Requirements:

24 credits including 4 English, 4 mathematics* (must include Algebra I and Geometry), 4 science (must include Biology and

a chemistry course or a physics course), 4 social studies,  2 foreign language, ½ fine arts, ½ health education, 5 electives


English - 4 credits required

English 9; Advanced English 9

English 10; Advanced English 10

English 11; Advanced English 11; English Language AP

English 12; English Literature AP

English electives:  Creative Writing; Forensics; Journalism;

   Public Speaking; Reading; Women's Literature; Writing



Foreign Language – 2 credits required for Advanced Diploma

Chinese I

French I, II, III, IV; Advanced French I, II, III, IV, V;

   French Language AP

Latin I, II, III, IV; Advanced Latin II, III, IV; Latin Literature AP;

   Latin Vergil AP

Spanish I, II, III, IV, V; Advanced Spanish II, III, IV;

   Spanish Language AP


Mathematics – 4 credits required

Algebra IA; Algebra IB; *Algebra I, *Advanced Algebra I

Algebraic Connections

Algebra II; *Algebra II with Trigonometry; *Advanced Algebra II

   with Trigonometry

*Algebra III with Statistics

*Calculus; *Calculus AB AP; *Calculus BC AP

*Geometry; *Advanced Geometry

*Precalculus; *Advanced Precalculus

* indicates courses available to fulfill Advanced Diploma requirements


Science – 4 credits required

Anatomy and Physiology; Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

Biology; Advanced Biology; Biology AP

Chemistry; Chemistry Il; Advanced Chemistry; Chemistry AP

Earth and Space Science

Environmental Science; Environmental Science AP

Forensic Science

Marine Science

Physical Science

Physics; Physics B AP; Physics C AP


Social Studies – 4 credits required

Economics; Microeconomics AP; Macroeconomics AP

U.S. Government; U.S. Government and Politics AP;

   U.S. Government – Comparative AP


U.S. History to 1877; U.S. History 1877 to the Present;

   Advanced U.S. History to 1877; U.S. History AP

World History II; Advanced World History

Social Studies electives:  Contemporary Issues; Critical

   Studies in Film; European History AP; Humanities I,II;

   Psychology; 20th Century World Affairs


Fine Arts and Performing Arts – ½ credit required

Art; Multi-Media Art; Studio Art AP (Drawing, 2D Design,    

   3D Design)

Choral Music – Chamber Choir; Concert Choir; Men’s Choir;

   Women’s Choir; Advanced Women’s Ensemble

Drawing & Painting; Advanced Drawing & Painting

Film Study (The Art of Cinema)

Graphic Design I, II; Advanced Graphic Design

2D Design; Advanced 2D Design

3D Sculpture; Advanced 3D Sculpture

Photography I, II; Advanced Photography; Photography AP

Marching and Symphonic Band

Music Technology


Technical Theatre I, II, III, IV; Costumes and Make-up

Theatre Arts I, II, III; Theatre Study


Other Electives

Accounting Principles; Administrative Principles

Broadcast Film; Broadcast News

Business Law; Business Principles and Management

Business Technology I, II

Career Cooperative Education; Career Explorations

Career Focus – Equine Science; Science Research

Classical Mythology

Keyboarding; Multi-Media Design

Personal and Business Finance

Sports Medicine

Television Production I, II


Physical Education

Health – ½ credit required

P.E. Life – 1 credit required beginning with the Class of 2010

Physical Education electives:  Athletics; Cheerleading;

   Dorians; Recreational Games; Strength and Conditioning;

   Team Sports