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American Behavioral

Employee Assistance Program

BASIC Employee Assistance Program SERVICES


Marital Problems

Disagreements over money, getting to know each other all over again when the last child

has left home, dealing with a spouse’s attraction to someone else, or inability to

communicate, can indicate trouble in a marriage. Professionals can help sort out the

problem areas, so that families can look at possible solutions and make appropriate

decisions toward resolving the problem.


Family Relationships

Troubles within a family may include having difficulty communicating with a rebellious

teenager over alcohol or other drug experimentation; disagreements with in-laws or

helping children accept divorce, when appropriate. We can help find the resources for

coping with them.


Emotional Difficulties

Most people experience periods of depression, grief, loss, or loneliness sometime during

their lives. Others experience undue anxiety or panic attacks and phobias. If one of these

continues for a long period of time, affecting relationships and/or productivity at work, the

assistance of a professional can be helpful.


Work Related Problems

Whether it is adjusting to a new position, not getting along with some of the co-workers or

wanting to advance in one’s career, job related problems could be stressful. Professionals

can direct employees to appropriate resources for confronting these issues.


Financial Stressors

Some participants who have over-extended themselves, have been unable to make

monthly payments, or unable to save for retirement. We will provide information on dealing

with budgeting and money management. In more severe cases, we will refer to

professionals who teach practical money management or to consumer credit counseling

for more options.


Alcohol and Other Dependency Assessment

Chemical dependency, which includes alcoholism and other drug addiction, disrupts the

whole family. Chemical dependency is an illness, and it can be treated. We offer complete

assessments and referral to the most appropriate resource. Our services include

supervisor orientation to aid in the recognition and intervention of impaired employees.

1-800-925-5327 (5EAP)