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2013-2014 Faculty and Staff



Webpages Department   Email
Hood, Amanda Principal   email
Crigger, Jeremy Assistant Principal   email
Walters, Lisa Assistant Principal   email
Cooper, Terry Athletic Director   email
Hudson, Ben Staff Professional Development   email
Kay, Joani Technology Coordinator   email
Dukes, Ellanor Counselor   email
Goodson, Rebecca Counselor   email
Harkless, Kenneth Counselor   email
Stowe, Angela Counselor   email
Svetlay, Karen Counselor   email
Boozer, Joy Secretary, Receptionist   email
Byrd, Irene Secretary, Attendance   email
Jones, Garfield Building Supervisor   email
Lowman, Elizabeth Secretary, Guidance   email
Montana, Sonia Technology - Technician    
O'Connor, Michelle Bookkeeper, Athletic   email
Sanak, Barbara Nurse   email
Schmidt, Amy Assistant Bookkeeper   email
Weems, Margaret Head Bookkeeper   email
Williams, Lee Ann Registrar   email
Kelley, Brian Resource Officer   email
Benson, Amber Career Tech   email
Binet, John Foreign Language and Math   email
Blanton, Frank Fine Arts   email
Brown, Willie Support Staff   email
Burnham, Dawn Support Staff   email
Burns, Martha Academic Skills   email
Burns, Wanda Math   email
Byars, Christin Foreign Language   email
Cammarata, Melinda English   email
Chatham, Morgan Math   email
Childs, Tessa Social Studies   email
Coleman, Carol Support Staff   email
Cooper, Dorothy Support Staff   email
Corley, Theresa Science   email
Covington, Jill Career Tech   email
Creech, Jessie Spanish   email
Cunningham, Missy Social Studies   email
Davis, Sue Science   email
Davis, Susie Fine Arts   email
Eaves, Sherman (Benny) Physical Ed   email
Echols, Gregory Physical Ed   email
Elliott, Cecilia Media Specialist, Aide   email
Farlow, Susan Part-Time Staff, Coach   email
Faulk, Lynn Science   email
Ferguson, Matt Social Studies   email
Flowers, Scott Support Staff, Aide   email
Fowler, Keith Custodial Staff   email
Froemelt, Toula Science   email
Gann, Lee Driver Ed   email
Giangrosso Jr, Peter Social Studies   email
Gray, Wendy Math   email
Guillory, Rhonda Math   email
Hall, Caroline Special Ed   email
Hartley, Barry Science   email
Hastings, Megan English   email
Hawkins, Brooke Career Tech   email
Hawkins, Darryl Support Staff   email
Hayes, Jackie Special Education   email
Holley, Candice Special Education   email
Hollis, Nancy Math   email
Honeycutt, Tony Acadmic Skills / Guided Studies   email
Ivey, Cathy Science   email
Jordan, Lance (Jake) Health / Sports Medicine   email
Jordan, Sonya Librarian   email
Keuler, Annalisa Librarian   email
Kilfoyle, Leah Social Studies   email
Kincaid, John Choir Directory   email
King, Misty Science   email
Knox, Angela English   email
Kornegay, James (Rodney) Math   email
Laird, Audrey Foreign Language   email
Lamar, Glenn Social Studies   email
Lasater, John (Drew) Foreign Language   email
Lowe, Catherine English   email
Major, Fred Math   email
Major, Jane English   email
Martin, Holly Social Studies   email
Martin, Shane Social Studies   email
McGovern, Christina English   email
McGovern, James (Michael) Science   email
McGuire, Katrina Special Ed   email
McMillan, Henry Part-Time Staff, Athletics   email
Meadows, Charles (Andy) Fine Arts   email
Morrow, Yeildred Support Staff   email
Mosley, Prince Support Staff   email
Mumford, Micah Support Staff   email
Nall, Sara Special Ed   email
Newton, Robert (Bert) Driver Ed   email
Noto, Kristina Math   email
Page, Dana Science   email
Payne, Renee Child Nutrition   email
Pendleton, Carla Support Staff   email
Perez, Peter English   email
Posey, Jan Alternative School   email
Ransom, Justin Special Education   email
Ray, Katie  English   email 
Rich, Rachel English   email
Ritter, Suzy Special Ed   email
Robbins, Lisa Science   email
Roberts, Jeff English   email
Rotter, Brock Social Studies   email
Russell, Angela Support Staff   email
Rysedorph, Cynthia Special Ed   email
Sartorio, Alessia  Social Studies   email
Scott, Melissa Science   email
Sims, Jo Foreign Language   email
Smith, Weslie Foreign Language   email
Stearns, Jeremy Physical Ed   email
Sullivan, Lauren Math   email
Tilton, Jessie Drama   email
Thorsen, Michel Physical Ed   email
Traffica, Sherri Social Studies   email
Trannon, James Custodial Staff   email
Trimm, Denise English   email
Truesdale, Casey Math   email
Wald, Greg English   email
Weatherly, Gary Fine Arts   email
Webb, Joe Social Studies   email
Westlake, Emily Academic Skills   email
Winstead, Janet Media Specialist   email
Wood, Heather Foreign Language   email
Yeager, Chris Head Football Coach   email