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Technology Assistant


Supervised By: Local School Technology Coordinator

Contract Period: 9 months

Salary: $24,061


Qualifications: The qualifications of a technology assistant include, but are not limited to,

the following:

·         familiar with and able to assist others in the use of available instructional software;

·         familiar with and able to assist others in the use of all Microsoft Office Professional programs;

·         familiar with web page update procedures using In10sity;

·         familiar with and able to assist others with Outlook e-mail, commonly used web browsers

·         and search engines, and finding information on Mountain Brook School system’s and local school’s web sites;

·         familiar with simple computer based software installs and updates;

·         familiar with anti-virus software and able to update files;

·         familiar with Mountain Brook Schools’ Technology Skills Scope and Sequence; and

·         familiar with inventory procedures


Responsibilities: A technology assistant’s primary responsibility is to work with the local school

technology coordinator to provide user support for students and staff. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         assist with professional development and class projects upon teacher request to the technology coordinator;

·         serve as a secondary point of contact for users reporting technology problems, and perform basic troubleshooting;

·         work with technology coordinator to schedule computer lab(s), laptops, as well as other technology  related equipment, and make this information available to students and teachers;

·         run routine updates as specified by local school coordinator;

·         follow the Technology Usage Policy, and report inconsistencies when necessary;

·         maintain file of Technology Usage Policy forms, and spreadsheet of student permissions; and

·         assist in the set-up, inventory, and movement of technology related equipment.