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Elementary Schools are Running for Fitness

The Physical Education departments at all four Mountain Brook elementary schools adopted a new program this year called Running for Fitness. The goal is to introduce children to the benefits of both a healthy lifestyle and the idea of running/walking to help achieve physical fitness. One or two days a week each school uses a PE class to allow the kids to run/walk and record their distance covered for the day. The PE teachers will keep a log of these miles and will add them up over the course of the school year. Each school also encourages and honors the miles the kids run while participating in local races.

As an incentive, students are rewarded with car magnets as they meet the 25 and 50 mile markers in their training. The idea is for students and parents in our community to be able to readily identify that a child has achieved an amazing amount of running when they see a magnet on a car in Mountain Brook. Crestline will be identified by a blue oval magnet with the white number 25 or 50. Mountain Brook Elementary will be red and white, Cherokee Bend will be yellow and red, and Brookwood Forest will be green and white. Hopefully, the magnets will inspire and bring pride to those students for their hard work.

Submitted by Mary Evans
Stewart Running Portrait  

Photo caption:

Crestline 6th grader, Clark Stewart, was the first student to receive the 25 mile magnet from the Crestline PE coaches.