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Congratulations to our Expressions Winners

Expressions Winners--Click here to see the winning submissions for video and music. 

Kindergarten Creative Writing

1st:  Eve Thuston

2nd:  Banks Pittard

3rd:  Tim Hennessy

HM:  Banks Pittard


1-2 Grades Creative Writing

1st:  Lucy Vann

2nd:  Luke Cribbs

3rd:  Nate Gregory

HM:  Mary Cambree Cleveland

HM:  Marigny Bellot


3-4 Grades Creative Writing

1st:  Emmy Grace Cribbs

2nd:  Alice Loveman

3rd:  Caroline Cornes 

HM:  Emmy Grace Cribbs

HM:  Lucy Beasley


5-6 Grades Creative Writing

1st:  Carson Rehder 

2nd:  Luke Sheffer 

3rd:  Trey Stiles 

HM:  Margaret Krawczyk

HM:  Brooke Glaub


Kindergarten Videos

1st:  Sellers Norwood


1-2 Grades Videos

1st:  Lucy Simon

2nd:  Emmett Walker 

3rd:  Callie Chapman

HM:  Jack Rich

HM:  Lucy Simon


3-4 Grades Videos

1st:  Henry Carr Chapman

2nd:  Catherine Meadows

3rd:  Jack Chapman

HM:  Anne Reynolds

HM:  Jack Chapman 


5-6 Grades Videos

1st:  Anna Claire O'Flinn

2nd:  Miggy Grant & Kate McMillan

3rd:  Sarah Frances Walker

HM:  Landon Friedman

HM:  Margaret Krawczyk & Mary Frances Springfield


1-2 Grades Instrumental

1st:  Marigny Bellot

2nd:  Anna Claire Davis

3rd:  Kelsey Bellot

HM:  Will Long

HM:  Brooke Johnston


3-4 Grades Instrumental

1st:  Elle Warren

2nd:  Eleanor Couch

3rd:  Ann Elise Leonard

HM:  Anne Reynolds

HM:  Lucy Beasley


5-6 Grades Instrumental

1st:  Landon Friedman

2nd:  Landon Friedman 

3rd:  Ellery McKnight 

HM:  Sam Stagner

HM:  Ellery McKnight 


Kindergarten Photography

1st:  Eve Thuston

2nd:  Anna McCluney

3rd:  William Acker

HM:  Anna McCluney


1-2 Grades Photography

1st:  Callie Chapman

2nd:  Raughley Wise

3rd:  Lucy Simon

HM:  Ella Kate O'Flinn 

HM:  Will Long 


3-4 Grades Photography

1st:  Jack Chapman

2nd:  Ann Elise Leonard

3rd:  Henry Carr Chapman

HM:  Henry Carr Chapman 

HM:  Grace Stewart 


5-6 Grades Photography

1st:  Anna Claire O'Flinn

2nd:  Lauren Rehder

3rd:  Carson Rehder

HM:  Landon Friedman 

HM:  Alice Estes


Kindergarten Visual Arts

1st:  Zella Martin

2nd:  Caroline Dabal

3rd:  Anna McCluney

HM:  Eve Thuston

HM:  Tim Hennessey


1-2 Grades Visual Arts

1st:  Anna Cranford 

2nd:  Claire Leonard 

3rd:  Luke Cribbs

HM:  Blair Ryan

HM:  Callie Chapman


3-4 Grades Visual Arts

1st:  Hawkins Martin

2nd:  Henry Carr Chapman

3rd:  Emmy Grace Cribbs 

HM:  Karis Friedman

HM:  Jack Chapman


5-6 Grades Visual Arts

1st:  Evelyn King

2nd:  Jack Johnson

3rd:  Simon Wang

HM: Brooke Glaub 

HM:  Margaret Krawczyk