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Project Lead the Way

Project Lead The Way at MBE
Students have begun the Project Lead the Way curriculum for the first time and the students love the interactive nature of the units. Through local funds MBE purchased PLTW modules. These were staff selected at each grade level. PLTW provides kits with a focus on engaging, hands-on learning that will build students' skills for future endeavors, especially in the area of engineering.  
In Mrs. Wilson's science class students are being immersed in the learning about the human brain.  Students completed an introductory lesson to hook their interests where they built and labeled regions of the brain.  They continue to build their scientific notebooks, full of brain related content.  They are connecting to the curriculum in a new way and feel excited during science class. The teachers feel invigorated to facilitate the students' learning and are working closely with their peers to implement this new resource.  Students were asked why they were enjoying these hands-on lessons and they spoke about the opportunity for different, fun, interactive lessons.  One student commented that he felt more mature doing lessons this way.  During a lesson students smile ear to ear, as does the teacher.  Their interest in learning more is heightened and can be infectious.  The images below showcase how Mrs. Wilson's class used the auditory and tactile explorations to connect their learning about brain functions to the already familiar five senses. 
   student    students 2   student6   students 3     students 4      student7