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PAGE Program's Genius Hour

PAGE Students' Genius Hour Projects 
By: Kristi Stacks, MBE PAGE Teacher 
Students in PAGE classes are working on Genius Hour projects. They have chosen a topic; developed deep, driving questions about that topic; and have begun researching to discover the answers to their questions.

On March 17th, PAGE students were afforded the opportunity to hear from an engineer at UAB who has been instrumental in developing the new concussion-preventing football helmet which will be on NFL players, and some top college players, this fall. The engineer, Mr. Walls, brought prototypes used in creating shock-absorbing materials to go inside the helmet. The prototypes had been 3-D printed, which the kids absolutely loved! He was able to relate this three-year project of researching and developing the helmet to the Genius Hour projects in which the PAGE students are currently involved.

Here is an article from al.com about the helmets UAB is developing if you would like to read more about it: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2017/01/uab_partners_with_visis_to_dev.html .