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  • Extensions & Apps Pushed today to Help with eLearning

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/3/2020

    FYI-I force installed 2 Chrome extensions and an app for Staff today. (You will be able to see them when you restart your staff Chromebook and log back in or if using your home computer, when you sign in to Chrome and refresh your page.) And I force installed 1 extension for CES K-6 Students today. Read below for more information.

    1. Screencastify extension – record your screen and voice or yourself.
    2. Google Meet Grid View extension – adds an additional view to your Google Meet window where you can see all participants at once in a grid view.
    Extensions show up here on the right side of Chrome’s Omnibox/Address bar:

    3. iPeevo Whiteboard App – A whiteboard for your Chromebook. Whiteboard allows you to draw or annotate directly onto a blank whiteboard or imported images in order to highlight, emphasize or clarify areas of interest (thought this might be really useful for math, etc. . . . ) When you launch the app, select use mouse only so you can use your mouse or finger on your Chromebook. If you pull this up and then launch Screencastify, you can record those lessons where you need to draw math problems or . . .

    On a laptop or desktop: Chrome Apps show up in the Apps waffle on a laptop or desktop, when you are signed in to Chrome and have your bookmarks bar showing.
    On a Chromebook, you swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal installed Chrome Apps, or you can click the Apps Launcher (circle) in lower left of Chromebook and then click the up arrow that appears to reveal installed Chrome Apps.

    For students at CES, K-6, I force installed the Google Meet Grid View extension.

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  • Google Meet Scheduling Work Around for Scheduling with Students in Google Classroom

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/2/2020

    Heads up on a little change in my original video how to I gave you guys the week before we dismissed for COVID.

    Many of you began then practicing scheduling and holding Meets per my directions of adding it to Google Classroom as an assignment with due date and time and then going to your Classroom Google Calendar from Classwork tab and adding the video conferencing link & telling your kids to go to the Calendar to join and it worked great for you for 2 weeks.

    The ability to add that video conferencing to the Google Classroom calendar that you and your students can access is no longer there. I am assuming this happened with some sort of update, but it could be our precautions as a district to prevent students from being able to schedule Meets.

    I changed my directions a little in the session, basically gave a work around, and I wanted to be sure that I shared it with you because I don’t want you to be caught off guard with the change.

    The work around is simple in that you can go to your teacher Google calendar and set up the conference as add conferencing is still available on that calendar. When you create the event and add conferencing, you will be given a link. Put that link in your Google Classroom assignment instead of just telling the students to go to the calendar.
    I recorded the Session Wed where I showed this in detail. For the video, CES Teachers, see your email or go to the VLC Schedule Matrix to access the new how to video recording.

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  • Google Meet has been added to Classlink in Google Folder

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 4/1/2020

    Google Meet has been added to Classlink Google Folder –
    for Teachers, Staff and Admin.

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  • Google Meet Norms in Cougar Drive

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/31/2020

    I put a copy of the class norms from my session today in the CES Cougar Drive. Be sure to make a copy of the file to your My Drive.

    The following quick how to video shows you:
    1. How to access the Cougar Drive.
    2. How to locate the file I put within our Covid-19 folder in our Staff Shared “CES Cougar Drive”.
    3. How to leave that file alone for all to use and Make your own copy of the file and save it in your “My Drive”.


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  • Google Classroom -Making a DRAFT assignment

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/26/2020

    If you want to create an assgnment to have ready but that students can't see. . .

    Here is your quick little how to movie about creating Drafts (materials, questions and assignments students can't see yet that you can go in later and make viewable) and on changing/adding due dates or removing due dates on existing materials, questions and assignments.

    (Hope you find this to be a quick, helpful resource--pardon any background noise please as I am at home with little people and noises.)

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  • eLearning - Recording Tools

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/24/2020

    Tools to Record Lessons from Teacher Chromebook:

    Sometimes you need to record your computer screen, and sometimes you need to just record yourself. One of these three tools should do the trick.

    Click here for more information on each of the following tools.

    • Screencastify Chrome Extension
    • Video Recorder Chrome web app
    • Google Meet
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  • Practice Video Conference with your Students

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    Teachers, Do a practice video conference with your students today or tomorrow. . .

    As promised, how to’s on Video Conferencing with your Students in Google Classroom and Canvas - We are keeping it simple. 

    To Do: Try adding a video conference to your Canvas or Google Classroom. Practice in class with your students to be sure you know how to add a conference & they know how to join.

    Be sure that you and your students know to always, if prompted, ALLOW the microphone and webcam, and to be screen readers and if prompted to enable or allow something on their device to make this work.

    (5th and 6th grade teachers) Canvas-Use Big Blue Button under Conferencing
    Teacher and Student Directions

    (K-4th grade teachers) Google Classroom-Use Google Hangout Meet
    Teacher Directions

    (There are other ways to start and join a Google Meet, but we decided to show you one way just to keep it simple. If you find that sending a link to your parent contact group via email or putting a link in your Classroom works better for you, that is fine too.)

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  • Online Learning-What does Blended Learning Look Like?

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    Click the picture below for a larger copy (so you can read the text).

    blended learning image

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  • Canvas Online Learning (5th and 6th grade teachers)

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    5th and 6th grade teachers, we recently had a full day of excellent Canvas Training for all teachers in the district. It was geared toward beginners, so many of our experienced Canvas users did not attend. However, if you were unable to attend or if you need a few reviews on Canvas--any task you'd like to do, you can visit these two resources for quick help: 

    Mountain Brook Canvas Help

    Youtube Play List of Canvas Help


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  • Online Learning (Add Admins to Your Class)

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 3/12/2020

    Here are directions to add your administrators to your Google Classroom & your Canvas Courses. Christy wanted me to remind you that this is also how you would also add your student’s special education teacher.

    Directions below:

    How to add your admins to your Google Classroom

    How to add your admins to your Canvas Course (Note you can't add the admins as a teacher, but an observer.)

    How to videos created in 2 min with Screencastify, your go-to-tool for recording instruction for your eLearning.

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