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  • How To Download Discovery Movie Clip to Your Computer

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 11/13/2017

    How to download Discovery Streaming Clips to your computer, our network or your usb drive so that you can:

    • Play them without the Internet (without streaming)
    • Have a substitute play the movie
    • Share with your grade level so each person doesn’t have to download--you could save them in your s/staff/grade level/miscellaneous folder. (If you want to make a backup of that folder periodically to a USB drive or DVD that is always a good ideas as well.)

    1.In the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser, open Discovery Streaming and login. Find the movie you want to download and click the Download icon that appears under the movie.

    discovery download image arrow

    2.Choose Low or High quality. (Low is faster, and the quality looks fine.)

    3a.In Google Chrome, the movie will appear in lower left of window. Click the arrow and choose Show in Folder; you can copy and paste the move in a drive of your choice.

    3b.In Firefox, in the upper right corner of the Firefox window, click the downloads drop down arrow and then click on your movie.

    4.Choose the location you would like to save your downloaded movie and name it and click Save.

    5.Note the ongoing progress indicator in the upper right corner of the Firefox window. You will not want to close your video that is playing/downloading until it is complete.

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  • Make Sure Students Know Discovery Logins. . .

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 11/13/2017

    Tech Leader--Please remind your team that Discovery student logins need to be shared with students.

    This particular login does not require the teacher to set up a class for the students to use the resource. If you don’t give them their login, they don’t know they have one.

    The student Discovery Login is their network username and password in most all cases. There are a few exceptions that are listed in r/staff/student logins in the Discovery Username column.

    It is a great idea to set up your class in Discovery so that you can assign work and see what the students are doing, but you do NOT have to set up a class for your students to use the resource on their own.


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  • Screen Recorder in Windows 10

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 11/10/2017

    Screen Recorder: How to use Game DVR Screen Recorder in Windows 10

    The Windows 10 xbox app, includes a screen recording tool. This Game DVR Screen Recorder option is included in the Game Bar and allows a user to record any application without having to download any third-party screen recording freeware to video capture your on-screen activities on Windows 10. (On your desktop, you will need an external microphone since there is not one built in. Laptops have a built in microphone.)

    Game DVR Screen Recorder in Windows 10 Xbox app

    1. To use this screen recording tool, you will have to open the Xbox app and press Win+G. The action upon confirmation launches the Game Bar and displays a brand new record option that offers the ability to record video. It’s noteworthy to mention here that if you are launching the Game Bar for the first time, a message will flash on your computer screen reading, “Do you want to open Game Bar?”—simply click ‘Yes, this is a game’. After that, it’s pretty straightforward to use. 

    toolbar image

    1. To begin recording video outside the app, simply navigate to the window you want to record within, and press Win+Alt+R, and recording starts. (Note you will see a tiney recording toolbar appear here & make sure on the toolbar, that the mic is NOT muted.)
    2. Press Win+Alt+R to stop recording. The video is built. All the videos recorded are stored in MP4 format inside the Game DVR section of the Xbox app.

    recording toolbar image

    1.  Navigate to the location where your video is saved in your G drive >Videos > Captures. If you ever forget this location, just use the ‘Open folder’ button from inside the Xbox app. Accessing the captures is easy using the Xbox app in the Game DVR section. (Get that video out of your G drive so it doesn’t fill up your drive.)
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  • Snipping Tool - Screenshot Delay Feature

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 11/10/2017

    The new Snipping Tool in Windows 10 now lets you set up to a 5 second delay to capture pop-up menus.

    snipping delay image   snipping shape image

    The Snipping Tool allows you to take 4 different types of screenshots:

    1. Free-form Snip lets you draw and captures any irregular part of the screen
    2. Rectangular Snip will allow you to drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle
    3. Window Snip will let you select an open window, such as a browser window or dialog box and let you capture it
    4. Full-screen snip will capture the entire screen when you select this type of snip.

    Another Hint:  Pressing Win+PrntScr in Windows will let you capture the screenshot as per your settings. The image is automatically saved in your G Drive-Pictures-Captures.

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  • Typing Agent Extended Apps--Digital Citizenship/Type Code

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 11/9/2017
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  • Outlook Alerts Off/On

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 11/1/2017


    email alert off image

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  • If you give a kindergartner a chromebook. . .

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 10/25/2017

    Click the image below for the full article:

    if you give a . . . image

    . . . 

    Google Classroom

    “I know it seems kind of crazy to attempt Google Classroom with kindergarteners, but when we started it mid-year, we realized we wished we’d started it sooner,” Morgan said. Google Classroom let Morgan push assignments to her students while also giving them more control over their work–something educators hadn’t given the young students enough credit for, she added.

    Chromebooks also offer many accessibility features, including a screen magnifier, and on-screen keyboard if students have trouble manipulating keys or the touch pad with fingers, a large cursor, a high contrast mode, and more. All of those featured are located under accessibility settings in order to help students if they have low vision, delayed fine motor skills, or other needs.

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  • Edmark House Series

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 10/25/2017

    Edmark Series Appears to be Available FREE Online and Working on Chromebook. Click the image below for access. 

    Note the Start Button to launch the program AND the Educator Resources link for you guys. (*These titles are supported by corresponding print materials such as lesson plans, print activities (both in-class and take-home) and teacher guides. These are available on the web in PDF file format for downloading, printing and use, as required.) 

    edmark series image

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  • Home to School Connection

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 10/25/2017

    Donna is sharing a resource with parents concerning Logins for Online Resources and how information from registration feeds into Chalkable, and how all of that information works together to strengthen the home to school connection.

     home to school image1

    It is good information with which you may want to be familiar.  I found it informative. Click the image below to play the video.

    hometoschool image2

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  • Where Did Classlink Go?

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge on 10/24/2017

    Issue--Where Did Classlink Go?

    Scenario--Student closes Chromebook windows/tabs. Now they can’t get back to Classlink

    and make the magic happen by passing through to all of the wonderful webpages you are

    using in class where their logins are saved.

    Fix--Direct the student to:

    1. Open the Chrome Browser.
    2. Click on the HOUSE button.
    3. Viola! Classlink.

    home button image

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