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  • On your newly imaged computer, do the following when you get back to school

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 6/28/2017

    When you get back, do the following on your newly imaged computer, to make your life easier: 

    1. Set up your Outlook 2016 email by:
      1. Clicking your Start Menu to make your TILES appear.
      2. Click on the Outlook 206 tile.
      3. Click Next, Next, Next. Finish.
    1. Set your Default Printer by:
      1. Searching for Devices and Printers & clicking on it when it appears in the list.
      2. Scroll down to Printers. Right click your printer and select “set as default.”
    1. Sign in to Classlink & make sure your Google and Microsoft 365 Accounts are connected to your Classlink by:
      1. Clicking My Files at the bottom of the Classlink screen
      2. Clicking Manage Services & clicking Connect.
    1. Show your bookmarks bar & sign in to Google Chrome by:
      1. Launching the Google Chrome web browser.
      2. Clicking your Google Chrome Menu in upper right corner.
      3. Clicking bookmarks/show bookmarks bar.
      4. On the bookmarks bar, clicking the Apps icon on the far left.
      5. In the upper right corner, where it says “Not signed in to Chrome”, sign in using your MBS Google Account. ( and your Network Password)
    1. Find your files by”
      1. Right click the Start Menu and choose File Explorer.
      2. Click This PC, then scroll down to find your G drive (and other drives).
    1. Pin Applications you use frequently to your taskbar by:
      1. Search, in the Start Menu, for the application you want to pin.
      2. Right click the application and choose “Pin to taskbar”.




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  • Tech Tip Summer To Do #3 - Get familiar with your online tools for digital learning.

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 6/28/2017
    • All of these tools are online, can be used from school & home, from laptops & Chromebooks.
    • Student passwords can be stored in Classlink, so once they sign in once to the tool from school, they will just click to pass through without signing in.


    Get familiar by:

    • Knowing what online tools/accounts you and your students have.
    • Watching a quick overview on each tool.
    • Signing in to each tool & exploring. (Sign in pages have a forgot password link.)


    Discovery Ed

    (paid by CES)

    Overview Video Link

    How to Resources

    How to Builder Tools

    Sign in Link

    Click here for a list of CES staff usernames (Do an  IT if you don’t have a login.)


    (paid by district)

    Overview Video Link

    How To Webinar

    Sign in Link

    Click here for a list of CES staff usernames (Do an IT if you don’t have a login.)

    Google Classroom


    Overview Video Link

    Sign in Link

    Your MBS google account is your with network password



    Overview Video Link

    More Information

    Sign in Link

    You create your own login (free)


    (paid by district for 5th,6th)

    Overview Video Link

    Sign in Link

    Your network login

    Webpage Blog App

    (paid by district)

    Overview Video Link

    Blog App How To

    Sign in Link

    Your network login

    Typing Agent

    (paid by district for k-6 HR teachers))

    Overview Video Link

    Getting Started Webinar

    Sign in Link

    Your email address is your username. Password: Teacher175 (Do an IT if you don’t have a login.)

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  • Tech Tip Summer To Do #2 - Windows 10 & New Desktop Display Options

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 6/21/2017

    Imaging has been completed at CES.  When you return to school you will notice that Windows 10 is now part of your life. 

    • You login as you always have.  There are no password changes. 
    • Here’s a 20 second visual on how to find your G drive and files:
    • You will see tiles to take you to Chrome and other important areas. (*See image below for a quick overview of your Windows 10 desktop.)


    NEW desktops came in, so if your desktop was taken away, you now have your new one. If you received a new desktop this summer, there are some changes for you.

    • You have fewer cables & power bricks, so hopefully a neater look.
    • You will access your document camera through the doc cam software on your computers, using the doc cam icon on your desktop or searching Samsung or Hover, depending on which doc cam model you have.
    • You will notice that have the option to set your computer/projector display to “Extend” instead of “Duplicate”, meaning your projector is set as your second display-- your students will only see what you choose to “sling” over to the projector display. You can change this setting if you want to go back and forth between Duplicate and Extend. Here’s a 2 min visual on how to do this.


    *See below for a Windows 10 quick overview of some important things for which you may be looking:

    windows 10 image

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  • Tech Tip Summer To Do #1: Update Your Webpage Information

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 6/20/2017


     update info graphic

    Quick Version: (for those of you who speak in bullet points & like a quick list)

    Make sure your information is accurate and up to date in the Directory on our Webpage.

      1. Navigate to the school webpage and select Directory from the channels.
      2. Find your name and click on it.
      3. Make sure your information is updated and correct. (Remember your Bio information should be third person, with professional information only & professional picture.)

    Make sure your group webpage or your grade level webpage is accurate and up to date.

    1. If you are a specials or other nontraditional teacher, also scroll through the Directory and find your group (music, counselors, pe. . .) and click on it.
      • Make sure your information is updated in this location.
      • Make sure you have a link to your individual webpage from this group page.
    2. If you are a k-6 teacher, navigate to the school webpge and select Classroom/Your Grade Level from the main channels.
      • Make sure your information is updated and correct in this location.
      • Make sure you have a link to your individual webpage from this grade level page.
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  • Google Tour Builder - Try It.

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 6/1/2017

    Google Tour Builder Assignment


    1. Watch the Google Tour Videos and view the Google Tour Gallery for inspiration and ideas.

    2. Create your own Google Tour. How To Create a Google Tour


    1. Pick a theme. You theme is going to be the focus of your Google Tour. It can be include places you’ve visited or places you’d like to visit. Some examples of themes are: Summer Vacation, My College Tour, Continents I would like to visit, etc).


    1. Choose at least 3 locations to highlight.


    1. Add at least three pictures for each location. If you use pictures from the web, make sure to use photos that are copyright free.


    1. Write at a few sentences for each location. You can discuss what the place was like, what you did there, or why you would like to visit.


    1. Once you have completed your Google Tour, invite me to view your Google Tour under the Share button.
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  • CES Story - Reading Practice/Google Classroom/Adobe and Recorder App

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 5/12/2017

    Reading Practice/Google Classroom/Adobe and Recorder App

    (Jennifer Mueller)

    Once upon a time there were students who felt shy and uncomfortable with their read aloud voice. Every day they listened to their teacher or classmates read aloud with a smooth yet playful voice of the characters. One day their teacher introduced a private yet practical way for them to practice reading fluency using an iPad to record their reading.  She showed them how to save their recordings to Google Classroom where she could listen to them and provide them with suggestions on how to make their reading voice stronger. Because of that the students felt empowered with the control of when, where and how they practiced their reading fluency.  They no longer had to wait on their turn to sit with the teacher and read. They practiced more often, felt more successful and learned how to own the responsibility of improving their reading voice. Now, when they are asked to sit and read with a teacher or peer, they have confidence and success. Jennifer is the Reading and Technology chairman for the Alabama Reading Association. She writes monthly articles that incorporate technology and literacy. Below is the link to the article Jennifer wrote about this assignment and links to other articles that she has authored.

    reading  reading

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  • Classflow Migration from ActivInspire

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 5/12/2017

    classflow picture

    Promethean/ActivInspire, CES Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers,   

    Important News concerning your Promethan/ActivInspire—ActivInspire/Promethean is now Classflow. *All ActivInspire Software users are encouraged to complete the product migration process to ClassFlow Desktop prior to September 4, 2017

    What does this mean to you as a Crestline K-1 ActivInspire User?

    1. We will install the new Classflow software to your teaching desktop this summer after imaging, so when you return in the fall, you will have the updated software. It looks great, but will be different, and it will allow you to do some pretty awesome stuff like let the students interact with your classflow lessons from the ipads and chromebooks in your room along with having all of the touch functionality that you preciously had with your board with activinspire.
    1. You may want to convert your existing Flipcharts to ClassFlow lesssons so that you will be able to use them with your new software. (You can use your existing flipcharts in classflow.)

    To convert existing ActivInspire Flipchart files to ClassFlow Lessons:

    • For individual files, ClassFlow Desktop provides a built-in file conversion feature for ActivInspire Flipcharts, SMART Notebook, and Adobe PDF files. (So this will be available to you after you have the new ClassFlow software on your computer.)
    • To convert larger quantities of ActivInspire Flipcharts (minimum 50), Promethean is providing an ActivInspire lesson file conversion service to convert “.flipchart” files to ClassFlow Lessons. This service is complimentary through December 31, 2017 (fees may apply effective January 1, 2018). For further information, please visit:


    1. If you want to be proactive, you can sign in to with your promethean world account or if you don’t have one, create an account.
      1. I suggest you start with this video of getting started with classflow desktop: ;
      2. Then do getting started with classflow:
      3. Then view any of their pre-recorded webinars at your own pace; they have them on a variety of subjects, including the basics of both ClassFlow and ClassFlow Desktop.
      4. When yo uare signed in online, you can begin looking at their “show me how” tutorials under each topic on their main page.
      5. Then look a the interactive resources under Marketplace.

    This might be a really great grade level learning moment when we return in the fall. I would love to work with you guys on this.

    IF you are interested in more information on this migration:

    Excerpt from announcement: “Promethean first introduced ActivInspire Software over eight (8) years ago. Since that time, educators have created and delivered thousands of great “Flipchart” lessons that promote active engagement and foster student participation in the classroom.  Today, however, mobile, internet-connected devices are highly prevalent in the classroom.  In order to keep up with advancements in modern technology, it is now necessary not only to provide our customers with software and resources that preserve the pedagogical best practices that have been enabled in past versions of Promethean software, but also to address many of the expanded opportunities for student engagement that exist by leveraging many newer and emerging technologies, both today and into the future.All users of ActivInspire Software (all editions and versions) are encouraged to migrate to Promethean’s next-generation of lesson delivery Software for interactive touchboards entitled ClassFlow™ Desktop.”

    Full announcement:


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  • Tech Tip--End of Year

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 5/9/2017

    tech tip image

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  • MBS Schools App-Get Important Communication

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 5/1/2017

    Get Started with the MBS Schools App:

    1. Download the MBS Schools app. 
    2. Go to Student Info and sign in with your school email and the generic password I sent you in the Tuesday Tech Tip (4/18/17) and is listed when you sign in to the school webpage, on the technology page, on the left navigation bar.
    3. Click Edit in the upper right corner. 
    4. Click Add New to add your cell number to the TEXT/SMS NUMBERS. Feel free to add another cell number to PHONE and email to EMAIL. 
    5. Click Done.



    • Get tests, voicemail, eamil alerts, news from your administrators and distirct.
    • Access your school's staff directory informaiton.
    • Quickly open lunch menu, school calendar, handbook.
    • Quickly launch your Classlink apps and school Twitter.
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  • CES End of the Year Checklist

    Posted by Paula Stanbridge at 4/24/2017

    End of the Year Technology Checklist Link.  The link to sign this digitally is at the bottom of the checklist. Don't print and turn in--Sign it digitally. 

    Please Note (from checklist): 

    • Clean your computer/technology area.
    • Be sure there is nothing blocking your network or power plugs.
    • All technology on one table with sign that reads: Do Not Move or Unplug.
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