• 22-23

    "Guilt is not the greatest tool here. Knowledge is."  -Kat Sours


    MB Justice Club


    The Justice Club is a student run organization formed to increase awareness of modern day injustices on a global scale. Our main focus is human trafficking, specifically the growing sex slavery business in and around Birmingham. We hope not only to raise awareness, but also bring about change by hosting fundraisers and donation drives to help victims who have escaped this business. All donations will go to the Wellhouse of Birmingham, a nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and recovery of women who are or have been sexually exploited. Each month we will focus on a different component of human trafficking. Members have the opportunity to express their individual views and passions on this subject through seminars held twice every month. It is up to us to end slavery once and for all.

     Want to know your impact?  www.slaveryfootprint.org 

    Our contact with The Well House:  Holly Bunn  holly@the-wellhouse.org

    Contact Information

    MBHS Students can contact W. Wood, I. Elkus, M. Smyer, or M. Sansom for club info.  Anyone else can contact Coach Martin.
     We proudly announce that one of our officers is player of the year!
    Mission Statement and Goals

    The purpose of the human justice club is to raise awareness in our community for human trafficking and other modern day slavery and to do our part in helping to stop this atrocity.

    1. Having regular meetings at least twice a month
    2. Inviting guest speakers to come speak at club meetings (examples: former slaves, volunteers from organizations, and lawyers involved in human-trafficking cases).
    3. Volunteering at anti-slavery organizations (the Well House, Thistle Farms).
    4. Have fundraisers to raise money and awareness for the cause
    5. Our end goal when we leave the high school is to create a legacy that will continue to make an impact in our community.