Physical Science

Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

  • Life Science

    This year in science we will be studying life science! Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the importance of diversity of life, while simultaneously understanding the impact of their roles as individuals in the community of life. Some areas of study include the characteristics of living things, functions of organelles, tissues and organs of various systems in the body, function of chromosomes, and Mendel’s laws of genetics. The focus of this course prepares students for biology and other life science courses taken in high school. Students are involved in laboratory experiments for a deeper understanding of the concepts.  


     Science Notebooks (Binders)

    We will be using interactive science notebooks (ISN's)  this year to help us organize, record and process the information learned. It is VERY important that students have their ISN and writing utensils in class each day.

    We will discuss the use of ISN’s, grading and how to set up your notebook the first week of school.