• 2021 Tennis Season Recap

    2021 Tennis Season Recap

    By MOLLY MIDKIFF, Staff Writer
    With the Tennis Season ending in a month, let's look and see what we can expect and what our Spartans have already accomplished. The MBHS tennis teams have had a very successful couple of years, especially the girls team, who have had 3 consecutive state titles...

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  • Spartans Win 6A Championship

    Spartans Win 6A Championship

    By DYLAN SIEGEL, Staff Writer
    March 8, 2020

    On Wednesday, the Spartans defeated Spanish Fort 56-43 to win the 6A state championship. Capping off a successful high school career, senior forward Rayven Turner was awarded with the MVP award.
    The Spartans finished the season riding a 19-game winning streak en route to a 30-6 overall record.

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  • The Boys Soccer Team Begins their Season

    The Boys Soccer Team Begins their Season

    by JACK ESTES, Staff Writer

    The soccer team started area playing this week, and they are expected to do well this season in their competitive 6a area.

    Playing in the most competitive 6A section in the state with all 4 teams in the area ranked...

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  • Previewing the playoff game against Oxford

    Previewing the playoff game against Oxford

    By DYLAN SIEGEL, Staff Writer

    February 19, 2020

    After defeating Briarwood Christian, Homewood and Jackson-Olin, the Spartans will face Oxford High School in the Regional 1st Round of the state tournament this Friday night at 6:30 pm in Spartan Arena.

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  • Spartans honor senior basketball players

    Spartans honor senior basketball players

    Tuesday night, the Spartans rolled over John Carrol, winning 70-37. While the win was the goal, the biggest part of the night occurred before the tip off even took place. Seven seniors were honored for senior night, including guard Paulson Wright, guard Bo Barber, forward Rayven Turner, guard Graham Matthews, guard John Brown, guard Colby Blackwell, and...

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  • Lunch in the Brook

    Lunch in the Brook

    A long-standing tradition of not having a scheduled lunch period is a cornerstone of Mountain Brook High School’s culture and identity as a community. Though it may seem normal to Mountain Brook students, students at other schools gawk over the absence of a lunch period...

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  • Volleyball Recap: A season's ending

    Volleyball Recap: A season's ending

    By GRACE VAUGHN, Staff Writer
    November 13, 2020

    After winning the 7A state championship last year, Mountain Brook Volleyball finished this season by capturing their first 6A state championship.

    The girls started the season with 5 consecutive wins before their first loss against Hoover...

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  • Energy Drinks: A Review

    Energy Drinks: A Review

    Game fuel: Game fuel is a Mountain Dew brand energy drink. It is 16 fl. oz. and contains 90mg of caffeine. This drink is very sugary and has a strong taste. It also doesn't affect you unless you have never had caffeine in your entire life.

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  • Breakfast options on the go: A review

    Breakfast options on the go: A review

    Too many teens forgo the “most important meal of the day.” Some may think they will be late to school if they make breakfast while others choose sleep over food. However, you can have the best of both worlds by simply taking breakfast on the go. Recently, I tried six quick breakfast options...

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  • Education with options

    Education with options

    by MARY FRANCES LITTLE, Staff Writer

    When one thinks of school, a mental image of a room of students sitting in desks in a customary classroom with a teacher standing in the front, lecturing or explaining something comes to mind. This has been the American idea of school for as long as we can remember...

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  • Previewing the playoff game against Eufaula

    Previewing the playoff game against Eufaula

    By DYLAN SIEGEL, Staff Writer
    February 25, 2020

    After defeating Huffman, the number two team in the state according to maxpreps.com, the Spartans will take on Eufaula in the Final Four of the state tournament this Monday at 11:30 am at UAB.

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  • Social media and what its doing to teens

    Social media and what its doing to teens

    by GRACE VAUGHN, Staff Writer

    According to the Mayo Clinic, most American teens use social media; that number currently sits at 97 percent. 2018 data shows teens between the ages of 13-17 use at least one social media platform....

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  • Girls Basketball: the month of January

    Girls Basketball: the month of January

    With the basketball season coming to a close in early March, and the team getting ready for postseason, let's catch up with the girls basketball team and their January games.

    The girls played Vestavia Hills for their first game of the month, resulting in a loss. The Lady Spartans followed up with another loss at Northridge, but these defeats were...

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  • Boys’ Basketball up to now

    Boys’ Basketball up to now

    The Spartan boys’ varsity basketball team underwent many changes since last season including the switch to the 6A class, senior leaders like Colby Jones graduating and current head coach Tyler Davis taking the place of previous coach Bucky McMillen. Despite these changes, the team has started their season off 7-3.

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  • Volunteering during a pandemic

    Volunteering during a pandemic

    Volunteering is essential for graduating high school and applying for college, but with a global pandemic underway, it has become harder for students to get those hours. In response, organizations have taken precautionary measures, such as going completely virtual...

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  • Drama going Digital

    Drama going Digital

    In the age of Coronavirus, MBHS Theatre is discovering new ways to creatively engage audiences online.

    In March, the Theatre Program suffered...

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  • A Homecoming like no other

    A Homecoming like no other

    Assistant Editor

    Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, the world has had to adjust to constant changes and challenges to our collective normal. Mountain Brook High School’s 2020 Homecoming is no exception. Despite the difficulties navigating safety precautions...more

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  • Chopt Review

    Chopt Review

    With the arrival of the chain restaurant, Chopt, at the Summit Birmingham, the residents of our city have been spoiled with fresh ingredients, original flavors, and never before seen creative salads...

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  • Netflix TV Show Reviews

    Netflix TV Show Reviews

    For this review, I watched the first episode of each TV show. All shows are rated TV-14 or lower. The ratings show how likely I am to watch the next episode or rest of the series.

    Star Trek: 4/10
    The original show? To be frank, there are so many versions that I don’t know, but I can tell you the quality is definitely 60 years old.

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  • Wrestling toward State

    Wrestling toward State

    When I entered the MBHS wrestling room for the first time, I was told to take off my shoes. Not completely understanding, I followed the guidance, and while removing them I noticed one other person on the mat. Practice had not started, but one wrestler was already working alone: Gray Ortis. He was practicing shots using a sled weighted down with two 45 lb. plates.

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  • Netflix's October Releases

    Netflix's October Releases

    By LILLY LEJEUNE, Co-Editor-in-Chief

    With the onset of Covid, many Mountain Brook students need an escape from the struggles of school and a global pandemic. Between essays and math homework, I recommend taking a look at the Netflix Originals...

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  • Spartans win region. What’s next?

    Spartans win region. What’s next?

    Staff Writer

    The Spartans won regionals after the defense was able to secure a win over the Patriots on MBHS’ senior night.

    Last Thursday night against Homewood, senior night for Mountain Brook football...more

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  • First week back at full capacity

    First week back at full capacity

    Staff Writer

    With the hard work of the administration, the high school completes its first week at full capacity with mixed feelings from students.

    As the high school opens the doors for all students to return again, the administration makes it clear that all previous safety protocols...more

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