Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Fowler on the first day of school
    Through the arts, students build confidence and pride, enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills, & develop their creative abilities. We teach our art classes within the discipline based model, incorporating in aspects of art history, production, aesthetics and criticism.  We hope to instill a life-long love and appreciation for the visual arts as we teach your children about art from throughout history and the world.
    As part of our program, we use an on-line gallery service:  Artsonia.  Your participation & support plays a huge part in student self-esteem -- from joining student fan clubs, commenting, and purchasing awesome products featuring their artwork, to discussions at home about the wonderful things they're exploring in art class.  Look at the site here:


    Our kids just love art! Through Artsonia parents and students can write compliments to each other and explore artwork from all over the world. Encourage your student to reflect on their artwork & write an artist statement for their published art. ENJOY OUR WONDERFUL WORK!  (Do always double check with your child that the work posted is theirs. We have made every effort to always document work correctly, but know we are also not perfect!  Thank you for understanding this.)


    Lauren Fowler:
    Kathryn Hill: