• Interact Club
    Interact Club is one of three service clubs at MBHS that allow students the opportunity to give back to their community.  Membership is offered to students based on their application and faculty recommendations.  Students who wish to join must submit a letter of application in the spring. The club requires a commitment of time so membership should not be taken lightly.  Throughout the school year, members are required to complete a minimum 8 hours of community service per nine weeks, earn 5 to 10 in-school service points per semester, and participate in required service activities, including Mercedes Marathon and Habitat for Humanity.  Interested students may apply for membership in the spring.

    Interact Club Faculty sponsors: Mrs Bakken and Mrs. Cunningham

    The live link for 22-23 new members applications will be available to freshmen, sophomores and juniors on April 4th. Completed applications are due no later than April 18.  To complete the application, students must sign in to their school Google account.