Committee Makes Selections

Innovation Summaries

  • 3-D Design and Technology Maker Room
    Submitted by:   Shannon Millhouse, Bill Andrews, Jennifer Jinnette, and Paula Stanbridge (MBE)

    Students at Mountain Brook Elementary will plan, think analytically, collaborate, communicate, innovate, and persevere when met with obstacles in our new Makerspace! We will begin developing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) space that will provide students access to modeling software, 3-D pens, 3-D scanners, and 3-D printers. MBE students will apply curriculum concepts to challenging and engaging real-life tasks and problems across all subject areas.  They will dream, visualize, create, and see their creations become realities! As we continue to invest in this space, we will expand to circuitry, coding, robotics, animation, and other areas of the maker movement. In the MBE Makerspace, students will have opportunities to use powerful technological tools that are becoming integral parts of most college majors and career choices.

    Virtual Learning Space--Welcome to a Whole New World

    Submitted by:  Jessie Creech (MBHS)
    What if we could create an immersive environment for students to enrich their learning experience? What if when they step into the classroom, they could enter another country?  We cannot take students on weekly field trips around the world, but we can provide them an alternative. With projectors, Google Earth and motion controls, we can bring the world to our students by immersing them in a virtual world.
    Virtual World  
  • Researching a Model of Enrichment for All 
    Submitted by: Mandi Hoxter, (MBE), Katy Caughran, (BWF)
    It’s an exciting time to be in education as we embrace change and determine the most effective ways to reach our learners to instill the passion for learning.  Educators must make decisions that are student centered.  Our proposal is one that will not only help us gain perspective professionally, but help our students across the district form a growth mindset.  We know we need to reach each one of our students, guide them to reach their potential, and develop a true passion for learning.   We are living in a world of constant change that calls us to teach to the individual child. We would like to research new ways to engage learners who want to dig deeper and answer those burning questions.  We want all students to have an opportunity to get their hands dirty, build, connect and explore.  We want all teachers and students to embrace creativity, innovation, and technology.  We will research, network, and travel to various schools to help us develop an enrichment model with a “rising tide lifts all ships” perspective.  We will also be active participants this summer at UCONN’s National Conference on Gifted Education called Confratute.  We will take this year to research and adapt the best of all models to fit the needs of all of our kids in the district. 
  • The Flipped Kit for Learning
    Submitted by Adam Johnson, (MBJH)