• How is Math Team Different?

    •          Math Team requires a commitment of time and effort from students and parents. Weekend time is required.
    •          Besides being an advanced, fast-paced class, Math Team is a competitive academic team which requires all students          working together to succeed.
    •          Emphasis is placed on student responsibility for seeking information, for doing what is necessary to learn the material, and          for keeping up with both long- and short-term assignments.  This takes practice, establishing new habits, and maturity.
    •          Math is learned through exploration, reflection, discussion, writing and cooperative learning, along with traditional          practice of skills. New ideas are introduced and built upon daily. 
    •          Reasoning is more important than algorithms. Math is a tool that includes both, but must above all be useful, effective an          efficient.‍


    Math Team Activities

     Tournament Preparation

    Preparation for tournaments will include supplemental homework and classwork problems that are related to contest topics that pertain to the given curriculum. Old tournament tests are periodically assigned for working at home.



    This is practice for content knowledge as well as speed and accuracy in computation. Students will need to mentally skip steps and know shortcuts. 

     In Class Competitions
    Students on math team participate in several weekend competitions throughout the school year, but also participate in SIGMA and/or CML competitions in class.  These are done during the class period about 5 times throughout the year.  The top three competitors for each competition are recognized at Honors Day.