• In May 2015, all 121 of our 6th graders participated in the production of Disney's "The Lion King, Jr." Since the show just became available in January, it was quite a feat. Here are a few video clips that have been uploaded to SchoolTube:

    "Be Prepared": Scar gathers the hyenas and prepares to take over the Pridelands.
    "They Live in You": Mufasa teaches Simba a lesson
    "I Just Can't Wait to be King": Young Simba looks forward to being in charge
    "Hakuna Matata": Timon & Pumbaa teach Simba how to live with no worries
    "Shadowland": Nala leaves her homeland after Scar takes over
    "He Lives in You": Rafiki teaches Simba to learn from the past (rehearsal video)