• MBHS Chamber Choir

     Chamber Choir is the premiere ensemble at Mountain Brook, comprised of auditioned 10th-12th graders. Chamber Choir performs music in many languages and genres, and has multiple performing commitments throughout the year. Students in Chamber Choir are expected to be strong singers, sight singers, and musicians, and are expected to spend time in study and rehearsal of their music outside of class time.
    Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Chamber Choir!

    Mallie Altmann

    Maggie Bearden 

    Miller Bryant 

    David Chalmers 

    Mack Daniel 

    Wren Emory-Johnson 

    Maddie Hazelrig 

    Emerson Holloway 

    Lauren Kutschke 

    Austin Langton 

    Ella Lee

    Hannah Logan 

    Lily Lott 

    Lily Padgett 

    Margaret Pelekis 

    Mackenzie Riemer 

    Maggie Robinson 

    Sorina Shirley

    Katherine Stein 

    Libby Turner 

    Collin Webb 

    Chris Woodry 

    Mary Ellen Yeager 

    Thank you to all who auditioned, the future of MBHS Choir is bright thanks to you all! If you were selected for Chamber Choir, please double check with the Guidance Office over the summer to ensure that you are registered for Chamber Choir.