• Frequently Asked Questions 
    updated 7/2023

    Why is the Chromebook the best device for our students?
    The Chromebook was selected by a committee of students, teachers, and parents based on the instructional needs of the high school. Windows, Apple, and Chrome devices were reviewed.  While all devices evaluated had unique features, the Chromebook was selected because it met the identified criteria at a lower price point versus higher price point devices. The Chromebook offers the tools necessary to assist learning with out distracting students with additional features.

    Will students take the digital device home?
    Yes, high school students will be issued their Chromebook the first week of school. It will be part of their school supplies and they will have access to the device 24/7. 

    Will the Chromebook be returned in May for the summer?

    Students will keep their assigned Chromebook until they are no longer a student at MBHS.  There will be periodic "check-ins" for maintenance. We will collect senior devices in May of their graduate year. 

    How do I replace my charger?

    You may purchase a replacement charger online.


    What if I have my own device? Can I bring it to school?

    Students should use their school assigned Chromebook, the Technology Bundle will be used in classrooms to enhance instruction and learning.  Personal devices should be kept in student lockers during the school day.

    How will we print on campus? 
    WEPA Cloud based printers were introduced at MBHS in 2014. Students are able to use any device, including the Chromebook, to send documents to the WEPA printer from home or school. Documents are held in a queue and can be picked up by students at any WEPA kiosk located on campus.
    How will we print at home? 
    If you have a wireless printer at home you are welcome to add to the Chromebook. On the Chromebook go to Settings, Show Advanced Settings, Google Cloud Print click -Manage. It should pick up any wi-fi printers in your home and you can add.
    How do we add a home classic printer? 
    The following steps should be done on a PC or Mac computer at home that has access to print to the home printer. You will need Google Chrome on this computer. Once the steps are completed you will be able to print from your Chromebook to your home printer.
    • Open Google Chrome.
    • In the upper right corner click the Chrome Menu on the browser toolbar.
    • Select Settings.
    • Click Show advanced settings.
    • Scroll down to the “Google Cloud Print” section. Click Manage.
    • If prompted, sign in with your Google School Account.
    • Select the printers you want to connect, and then click Add printer(s).
    The printer is now associated with your Google Account and connected to Google Cloud Print. You can print to this printer whenever you’re signed in with the same Google Account on your Chromebook. Click for more information: Adding Home Printers to Chrome 
    What if the device breaks?
    Please see the Repairs and Warranty link for more information. Your local school technology coordinator will be able to help you with additional questions and procedures for replacement.
    • The Tech Hub is open 7:30 am – 8:30 am M-F for hard-ware issues. A device will be check-out to the student in an effort to minimize disruption.
    • After 8:30 students should see Mr Jackson in his office for assistance. 
    • Email Mr. Jackson, MBHS Technology Coordinator with any questions: jacksons@mtnbrook.k12.al.us


    What if I leave the device at home?
    Students will be expected to bring the device to school each day as they would other school supplies. We realize sometimes the device may get left at home.  A limited number of devices will be available for checkout in the library. 

    We will still have laptops and computers available on campus for student use?

    Yes, we will maintain several sets of laptops, iMacs, and desktops on campus for students use with various applications.

    What if I lose my assigned Chromebook?

    Students should contact the local school technology coordinator (TC).  The TC will help you work through the process of replacement.

    Is this optional?

    The technology bundle is a part of the required technology fee paid for each student at registration each year. The technology bundle consists of a companion device (Dell touchscreen Chromebook), technology support and repairs, filtering, management, secure Wi-Fi access, and software (Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365). 

    How much is the technology fee? 

    Traditionally, the technology fee has been $30. With the addition of the technology bundle, the technology fee will increase by $70. The total cost is greatly off-set by the partnership and support of the Mountain Brook Schools Foundation.


    What applications are available?

    A Chromebook is a light weight device designed to provide fast access to online resources as well as the capability to work off line. Students will be able to access most Internet based resource for curriculum purposes. Production tools will include Google Apps for Education and Office 365 which both offer calendars for organization, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and audio and video capabilities. Chrome is the main web browser and provides access to many applications for the classroom.

    When will the devices be given to students?

    Chromebook Distribution Day for Sophomores and new students is the first week of school. 

    How will I learn to use a Chromebook?

    Training will be provided the first week of school during class. Short videos and how to information will be available on our website.

    What type of filtering is done through the school system?

    Content that is shared through student email and saved in the cloud is filtered for inappropriate and/or questionable content in an effort to keep our students safe. In the event that inappropriate content is found, the student will receive a warning email.    If deemed appropriate to elevate the issue, the incident will be reported to the school and school officials will follow typical protocols to keep students safe or correct any inappropriate behavior.

    What textbooks are available online?

    We have many online resources used in our classes. Our main textbooks resources include Pearson Success Net, Holt McDougal, AP Social Studies, Cengage for Science, and Math XL. Links to textbooks can be found on our website under Resources-Students.