1. When you first get back to your computer after summer imaging-Do This. (set up Outlook email, show bookmarks bar & sign in to Chrome, default printer, sign in to Classlink, find your network files, pin frequently used applications, set display to extend or duplicate, fix your display image and touch for panels, locate doc cam & make default mic for Google Meet)
    2. Review your Digital Literacy Computer Science (DLCS) standards for your grade level.
    3. Classlink: Sign in, Connect Your Google & 365 Accounts, Check Apps.
    4. Classroom Tech: Make sure it is working.  Be familiar with your technology set up in your classroom and how it plugs in. Be sure your network wall plates are accessible and all technology (including towers) and wiring are off the floor.
    5. Gmail: Forward to your Outlook email.
    6. Hapara: Know your Google Chrome Manager (grades 4-6)
    7. IT Direct: Sign in and enter an IT--even if you say "I've checked all of my classroom equipment, and all is well."
    8. Review Audio Enhancement Information/Training - make sure you can sign in to your classroom camera (Viewpath).
    9. MBS App: Sign in & make sure you've added your text & email for school communication.
    10. Parent Contact Group (Distribution List) in Outlook: Create it. Be sure to Blind Copy (BCC) the parents with yourself as the receiver, so you aren't sharing parent email addresses with other parents. If you don't see BCC on your emails, it is under Options/BCC.
    11. Purchase Tech Items for your Classroom.
    12. Student Logins: Will be added soon to r/staff/student logins - Have each student sign in on his/her Chromebook to check to make sure they work. 
    13. Sub Plan Class Tech Instructions: Create & Put in Sub Plans.
    14. Voicemail: Verify it is setup with your personal greeting and name. Know how to check & delete.
    15. Webpage: Update your Section (new editing view/more info from Blackboard) Remember your bio is to be 3rd person, professional. Quick How to Bio and Photo for new teachers.
    16. Schoology -  Before the year's courses are generated from Powerschool, you can predesign student work in your Sandbox course and later move over content to your Powerschool synced courses with students. If you backed up resources, you can also pull from your resources into your synced course. To review training Schoology, visit the training course in Schoology. For access code, see your coordinator. 
    17. PowerTeacherPro - Grade K-6, grade level, classroom teachers, sign in & know how to take attendance and use your Gradebook.
    18. Be aware of our school's BYOD procedure.
    19. See below for items to share with your students: Tech Policy, Device Usage, DLCS Curriculum Standards. Be sure your students know it is very important that they not peel off any of the school labels on their Chromebook and charger.