1. When you first get back to your computer after summer imaging-Do This. (After 2021 imaging-updated helps)
    2. Digital Citizenship Week: Ready your lessons.
    3. Classlink: Sign in, Connect Your Google & 365 Accounts, Check Apps. (review located in "For Your Students" on this webpage)
    4. Classroom Tech: Make sure it is working. (includes videos on using both projector and panel classrom tech) Newer Setup (2019) for Displaying to Your Projector
    5. Gmail: Forward to your Outlook email.
    6. Google: Login. Locate your Google Drive. Know how to share & edit documents. (Google accounts: login@student.mtnbrook..k12.al.us with network password)
    7. Hapara: Know your Google Chrome Manager
    8. IT Direct: Sign in and enter an IT--even if you say THIS IS Just PRACTICE.  
    9. MBS App: Sign in & add your text & email for school communication.
    10. Microsoft 365: Sign in through Classlink. Locate your one Drive. Know how to share & edit documents. (Login: network username & password)
    11. Parent Contact Group in Outlook: Create it.
    12. Purchase Tech Items for your Classroom.
    13. Student Logins: Will be added soon to r/staff/student logins - Check to make sure they work.
    14. Sub Plan Class Tech Instructions: Create & Put in Sub Plans. (Find/Share your edited copy with other teachers in Cougar Drive/SubTech folder.)
    15. Voicemail: Setup. Know how to check & delete.
    16. Webpage: Update your Section (new editing view/more info from Blackboard) Remember your bio is to be 3rd person, professional.
    17. Windows 10: Know how to navigate
    18. Schoology - Now that you've been through the Schoology Training Course and copied in the folder structure from your Group into your Sandbox course, you are predesigning student work in your Sandbox and moving over content to your Chalkable synced courses with students prior to each week. You are working through your lessons in Schoology each week to train and prepare your students to navigate Schoology & access and submit work via Schoology. To review training and on-going helps and hints for Schoology, be sure to visit the training course in Schoology. If you need the access code to join the course, see your coordinator.
    19. Share student login information for all curriculum programs you use with your students and let them sign in to make sure their accounts are working (Brainpop, Discovery, iXL, Stemscopes, PLTW, Seesaw, Savvas, Tynker, Code.org. . .). Set up your class in the programs where you have to do that first and assign content for students to be abele to use--like Pearson, Discovery, Tynker.
    20. See below for items to share with your students: Tech Policy, Device Usage, DLCS Curriculum Standards.