PLU Information

  • All Alabama educators holding administrative certification in an area such as educational administration and/or supervision must earn Professional Learning Units (PLUs) in order to renew the certification when it expires. This replaces the requirement for clock hours or CEUs.

    A Professional Learning Unit is a content-driven, long-term unit of professional study for instructional leaders that fully addresses all knowledge and ability indicators under at least one of the Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders.  Professional study that constitutes a PLU requires multiple professional development experiences over time and will always be aligned with the Alabama Standards for Professional Development in Rule 290-4-3-.01(3).

    A PLU is earned at the completion of professional study which fully addresses the knowledge and ability indicators under at least one of the Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders.  The professional study must include comprehensive coverage and evaluation of effectiveness in the school setting. 

    Professional studies that earn a PLU must be approved either by the Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD) or approved by the local superintendent.

    How to find Professional Learning Units

    The Alabama Department of Education offers free ACLD-approved courses for PLUs throughout the school year, usually through eLearning.  Information regarding these courses will be disseminated by local school systems as they become available. 

    Mountain Brook Schools offers locally-approved PLUs for certain professional learning experiences provided by the district.  A list of these PLUs is available each spring to begin in the summer and to be completed during the next school year.  Click Here for current PLUs offered by Mountain Brook Schools. 

    Educators also have the option of applying for a locally-approved PLU for an individually developed professional study using the local PLU application.  The application must be submitted and approved before the professional study begins.  Applications are to be submitted to Dr. Lisa Beckham at the Mountain Brook Schools Central Office.  Click Here for an Individual PLU Application.

    Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS) offers ACLD-approved PLUs in two ways: 

    1.       For attending the summer CLAS conference and other CLAS or affiliate events throughout the school year. 
    2.     Online via podcast sessions and other activities.

    For information, go to and click on Professional Development.  Choose a standard for a list of related sessions. 

    Professional coursework in education may also be used for PLUs.  The Alabama Department of Education provides a list of courses approved for a PLU and the colleges/universities offering the courses. 

    Questions regarding your administrative certificate or PLU offerings should be directed to Dr. Lisa Beckham at or 205-871-4608.