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     Parents/Guardians should always ask their student's teacher if they have questions concerning online resources used in their student's classes.
    District  Purchased/Supported Online Resources
    Mountain Brook Schools take our student data privacy and safety seriously.  For district purchased online resources, we only upload the most basic Directory Information into online resources such as name, homeroom, grade, network login or school email address, and a password.  For students in grades K-6 we load first name and last initial only when possible and only upload homeroom and/or grade when absolutely necessary.  Our student email addresses do not include student names...only initials.  This is such a mammoth task, we not only conduct research internally, we also consult  other school district's work such as Houston ISD, a leader in this area.  Common Sense Media is also a wonderful resource for parents and educations for vetting online resources.
    When a district selected online resource is no longer used, the company is contacted to remove student data. The local schools are requested to do the same for online resources purchased by the individual schools as a school or on behalf of a grade level.  Teachers are asked to do the same for individual resources purchased or used for free by teachers.
    Teacher Selected Online Resources
    Our teachers often select apps or online resources that support learning.  We ask that teachers responsible for students under the age of 14 take great care when having students use the resources and only import, enter, or have students enter two pieces of information.  Preferably first name and last initial.  When possible, we ask that they use a nickname or avatar for the student and no names at all.  Teachers are responsible for the removal of any student data when these resources are no longer in use.  If an online resource is used with students under 14 and not listed below, either a) NO personally identifiable information about a student such as first name should  be entered into the program or b) the teacher should request parent permission his/her self.  All Data Governance guidelines still apply.
    Many online resources have signed on to the Student Data Privacy Pledge
    Mountain Brook Schools use Gaggle to scan and filter student email and online documents.  Gaggle also uses a human monitoring system to notify selected staff of possible student situations.