• In our class, I do my best to teach with clarity and effectiveness.  All assigned homework is gone over in detail to ensure that students understand the material.  Additionally, all assessments are returned to students and gone over in class.  Students keep all assessments in their binder to use as a future study resource. While I do everything I can in class to help your child(ren) succeed, sometimes a student needs additional help and individual attention.  Below is a list of options for extra help.

    AO Period

    If a student needs help, this is the first place where a student should seek help.  I am avaiable every AO period (between 2nd and 3rd period) to help in any way I can.


    If a student needs help outside of school, we maintain a list of tutors at this link: https://sites.google.com/student.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/latintutorsinbirmingham/home

    Extra Help for Foundational Concepts

    Please see “Latin” under the “Resources” tab for handouts that focus on the foundational concepts of Latin.  Students have already received these handouts and each should be in the “Other” section of their Latin binder.  I include them here for convenience.

    Help on Specific Concepts

    The best way for a student to get help on material that he or she does not understand is by asking questions in class.  I work hard to make the classroom environment one of openness, a place where all questions are welcome.  However, if a student does not feel comfortable asking a question publically, he or she can ask it privately.

    Also, students receive a handout on almost every topic we cover.  When they receive it, we immediately put it in the “Notes” section of their binders.  Many times, students come for extra help when they easily can find the answer on the handout in their binder.  One of my goals is to train students to think and seek answers for themselves when the tools are before them.  This skill will help them in my class, at the high school, in college, and in life.

    Additional Help on Specific Concepts

    There are times when the classroom and handouts are not enough.  The best way for a student to get this additional help is by meeting with me in person.  If a schedule conflict occurs, a list of tutors is also available upon request.

    Extra Practice

    In our world of “super-sized” fast food meals, we often think that more is better.  More Latin practice is always beneficial, but more practice does not always equal more material.  Sometimes, the best help comes by doing more with the work already assigned.  I encourage all my students to recreate our quiz sections using the material assigned in class, then go over them with me.  By doing extra practice in this way, not only are they reviewing and practicing Latin, but also are preparing for the assessment (since that material is on it!).  Over the years, students have found this a much more rewarding approach than additional exercises and sentences.  We discuss how to do this “more with less” approach in class, but I will always be happy to explain it to a student individually.  If a student wants more material, I can give more, but I rarely consider that approach as the best option for extra practice.