We all know that kids are not going to always get along.  Typical peer conflict happens, and it often upsetting for students.  For typical peer conflict, we encourage you to contact your classroom teacher first.  The classroom teacher has more specific knowledge of the individual students' personalities, interactions, and triggers, so he/she is often better able to address peer conflict.  While teachers and the school counselor keep in close contact, you are welcome to contact the school counselor if you feel as though the problem is ongoing or is not being adequately addressed.
    Please remember, we cannot address concerns about which we are not made aware.  Please encourage your children to speak to their teacher when a problem occurs rather than allowing the concern to fester and grow.
    The Mountain Brook Schools' definition of bullying "a continuous pattern of intentional, unwelcome behavior on or off school property, at any school-based function, or on a school bus, including, but not limited to cyberbullying or written, electronic, or physical actions that are reasonably perceived as being motivated by a specific characteristic of a student".
    If you should ever believe a student to be experiencing bullying, please contact your school's counselor or administration.  There is a bullying/harassment report form that you may fill out, if it would help you collect your thoughts.
    At Brookwood Forest, we go to great efforts to prevent bullying.  We do this through community building, classroom morning meetings, classroom guidance, and school and grade-wide assemblies.   Check back for updates on what Rangers do to prevent and respond to bullying!