• The purpose of Mountain Brook Schools is to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students. 

    These are the values of our school system.

    • Respect for others
    • Caring environment
    • Trust
    • Focus on students
    • Effective communication
    • Learning
    • Shared decision-making
    • Innovation, creativity, risk-taking
    • Evaluation based on performance
    • Excellence
    • Expertise of staff
    • Community involvement
    Our Cherokee Bend Elementary school's vision is through healthy relationships, the Cherokee Bend community focuses on the whole child to cultivate a love of learning and increase student achievement.
    Our beliefs were determined by the community of students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents/guardians, and community members. 
    • An emotionally and physically safe environment encourages risk-taking, critical thinking, and collaboration.
    • Student-centered conversations and student involved decision making enhance learning and support diverse learning styles.
    • Effective communication builds trust, cultivates positive relationships, and promotes mutual respect.
    Our school expectations are stated as, Cherokee Bend is responsible, ready, and respectful. These expectations are taught by all staff and reviewed throughout the school year. Many guidance lessons that reinforce what each of these things looks like here at school and in our community and also promote problem-solving and learning how to access help when needed.
    Classroom and guidance lessons will cover dealing with unexpected behavior of others, understanding the difference between unwanted behaviors and bullying, and how to handle these situations. Of course, we take bullying very seriously, want students to report it immediately to the teacher they are with and it will be investigated and addressed. If you would like to see more information for adults about these topics and how we teach about it in school, click here. If you are aware of bullying or harassment, please report it to the appropriate school principal. We provide the following form to assist this process, but we hope that a report of bullying and harassment, when possible, would include an in-person meeting with school officials. To find the form, click here.
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