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    Click  HERE for the inventor's packet.

    The goal of the BEND-VENTION is to encourage students to investigate the world around them to solve real world problems. This promotes a creative spirit, while allowing students to express their ideas though building their own invention.  

    What is BEND-VENTION?

    Bend-vention is an enrichment opportunity for 3rd-6th graders.  Participating students will design an invention that will solve a problem in their daily life.  Students verify that their inventions have not already been invented through patent research.  Students will build their inventions staying under a budget of $15.00.  In addition, students will share their process, research, and marketing ideas on a poster or project board for display.

    What are the requirements for students?

    ·         Inventor’s Notebook Packet

    • Brainstorming
    • Patent Information Chart 
    • Decision Making
    • Planning for Invention Idea
    • Description
    • Marketing
    • Bend-vention Entry Form/Signature Page
                      ·         Poster or Project Board

    Students will display their research and steps of the design process for students and parents at the exhibit.

    ·         Invention

    Students will build and test inventions (budget $15).  Inventions will be displayed at the exhibit for students and parents.