• Robots at MBHS

    Posted by BRYAN ROSENSTIEL on 2/16/2017 9:00:00 PM

                    Robots have entered the scene at MBHS.  The Clawbot had its first competition among student teams at the end of January.  The students constructed, programmed and operated a fully remote control ambulating robot with a single claw and arm.  The timed contest resulted in one team winning and getting to take home “all the marbles.”  The other teams made trips to the drawing board to determine how to improve their performance.

                    Currently, the students are taking their original robot build and writing custom code to make the robot act autonomously.  That is, the students have programmed the robot so that when they press a single button then the robot will perform a series of motions and tasks all by itself.  They will compete in another competition, between themselves, for the winner taking home “the whole ball of wax.”

                    The students will soon be adding more complex sensors to their robots to enhance its capabilities and allow further artificial intelligent tasks to take place under the guidance and tutelage of the student programming and control.

    Building requires teamwork.....

    Building requires teamwork.



    Programming is a team effort.


    Programming to make something happen is rewarding.



    Competing is fun and realizing the hard work put into action.




    Winning "all the marbles" is always a good feeling.  The winning team of competition #1 standing next to their winning robot and holding up all the marbles.


    See a competition round here:A Competition Round

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  • Technology Has an Impact on Our Students

    Posted by BRYAN ROSENSTIEL on 1/7/2017

               This 2016-2017 school, our school rolled out some fancy technology with some fancy results.  The new Engineering Your World class added some high end computers with digital image processing ability.  The students then employed a professional 3D modeling package, SolidEdge, and learned how to model and construct parts.  With the digital processing capabilities, the students were then able to assemble multiple parts and then animate the parts of their assembly.   

                The students were able to utilize their new 3D printers to bring their designs to “life.”  Once a student was able to hold their design in their hand, they were able to further investigate the design intent, and determine if design changes were necessary.  They all seem to have enjoyed the journey so far.

                The spring semester is starting up with digital electronics and programming micro controllers to perform various tasks.    The platform will be Arduino and the students will work with various sensors and electronics to sense and navigate their world. 

                Here is what some of the students have said about their exposure to this fantastic technology:


    What engineering means to our students...

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  • 3-D Modeling Takes off at Mountain Brook High School

    Posted by BRYAN ROSENSTIEL on 10/26/2016 9:00:00 AM

    Students have very much taken to 3-d modeling on the computers.  We are using the SolidEdge student version.  After we figured out how to run the 3-d printers, students were able to bring their computer generated models to "life."  Being able to hold a model that you created in your hand not only gives the students a sense of accomplishment, but allows them to determine if the design will work or not in real life.


    Modeled and Printed at MBHS

    Modeled and Printed at MBHS.

    The Spartans Can 3D Print

    Our Spartans Can 3D Print.


    Our Students Model at MBHS

    Our students Model at MBHS.  Modeling leads to 3d printing.


    MBHS Makerbot Spitting Out the Parts

    MBHS Makerbot melting PLA plastic into student designed parts.

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  • Getting Going

    Posted by BRYAN ROSENSTIEL on 8/23/2016

    We have received our most awesome computer tables for the design lab.  They are Versa brand and are a neat design for allowing the table tops to fold flat, and then with the pull of a handle, the table top swings open to reveal a computer screen.  They tables arrived on August 12th, and were assembled and placed in the design lab on August 14th.  The chairs are on order and on their way.  We are eagerly awaiting the computers that will complete the tables.  We have also submitted an order for some 3D Printers, Arduino electronics, VEX robot kits and some quad copters, and are excitedly awaiting their arrival.









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  • Welcome to our Blog

    Posted by Donna Williamson on 5/31/2016

    Welcome to the Design Lab Blog.



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