• The Spartan Code:

    Spartans are kind and respectful to others; dressed appropriately; use language that is honorable and worthy of pride; on time and ready for the task at hand; strive always for excellence through (1) superior performance in academics, athletics, & arts; (2) excellence in character and behavior; (3) willingness to serve the community; and (4) acceptance of personal responsibility.

    Latin Class Expectations:

    1.     Be honest and truthful in all situations

    2.     Academic work is individual, unless instructed otherwise

    3.     Be respectful, kind, and have a positive attitude towards others

    Consequences for not Meeting Class Expectations

    Failure to meet class expectations or breach of the Spartan Code will be met with consequences. Mr. Burrow will determine the consequence using his best judgment, evaluating both the seriousness and frequency of the event. All students will be treated fairly and equally. The following are possible consequences: verbal warning, parent contact, detention, and office visit.
    Blurting Out in Class

    One of the most disruptive actions in a classroom is when someone blurts out while someone else is thinking or talking. Disrupting other students (or the teacher) is considered a serious sign of disrespect and will be disciplined accordingly. Students who do not respect other students (or the teacher) in this way will be given verbal warnings and (if necessary) detentions.

    Leaving the Classroom

    Students are allowed to leave the classroom three times each nine weeks for restroom, office, locker visit, etc.  If a student needs to go to the nurse, or is called to the office, this does not count towards that number.  If a student needs to leave after those three times, (s)he will be allowed to go only if it is an emergency.