• What are Fuse and Relay? --basically quicker way to upload straight to one of your Eduvision Channels.
    After you have an Eduvision account, we can also set up a Relay account for you, so that when you upload a video from your iPad, it goes straight to your channel. Fuse is the iPad app through which you would do this on an iPad. Relay is the name of the server and the name of the software you can download to your computer from which you and your students can upload video directly to channels without having to log in to Eduvision.
    When you have this type of account, the channel options are Relay Private, Relay Public or a specific channel that has been created for you like Broadcast if you are the broadcast teacher or School News if you are an administrator or Grade 4 or Your Teacher Channel, etc. 
    If we set up a Relay account to upload to one of the Relay Channels, any channel manager can then move the video to any channel to which the manager has access. We are just beginning to use these accounts, and trying to determine the best scaffolding within the schools' channels, so there will be more information to come on these Relay accounts. 
Last Modified on July 19, 2016