Mountain Brook High School established a dress code focus group charged with reviewing the current Mountain Brook High School dress code. The committee was comprised of students and faculty members who made significant recommendations which were then shared with a parent group for input. Their work was focused on bringing the Mountain Brook High School dress code up to date and ensuring that it was appropriate for current practices. The process was thoughtful and intentional, and considered opinions from students, faculty, parents, and community.

    As you begin preparing for the upcoming school year, we wanted to make sure that you were aware of these revisions so that you and your child could make any needed adjustments. The MBHS Student Government Association will be producing some visual examples to support the dress code that will be placed on our website this summer. We hope you have a safe summer and look forward to seeing everyone in August.

    Expectations for Dress

    Mountain Brook High School recognizes the importance of student appearance, including the need to partner with parents/guardians in maintaining a learning environment that is free of distraction due to clothing and/or accessories. Students are expected to dress with respect toward self, family, school, and community using reasonable standards of cleanliness and decency throughout various situations. Final dress code interpretation is at the discretion of the administration.

    With those guiding principles in mind, MBHS requires that students avoid the following clothing and/or accessories:

    • Shorts having an inseam of less than 4” and skirts of comparable length
    • Excessively large shirts that exceed the length of shorts
    • Shirts with a strap of less than 1” or that reveal midriff, cleavage or lower back
    • Leggings without a shirt that reaches the top of the thigh
    • Clothing with references to illegal substances, foul language, or offensive symbols
    • Clothing that is revealing due to excessive tightness, distressing, or tearing
    • Hats or hoods


    No student shall dress in such a way as to distract from the learning process of other students. 

    • The wearing of clothing, such as miniskirts, short shorts, and tank tops is not permitted.

    • Articles of clothing which have words or designs which are suggestive, obscene, or related to drugs or alcohol are prohibited. 

    • Students are prohibited from wearing or possessing hats/caps or head coverings (such as bandanas).  Students must not bring these items to school.  This policy does not apply to the wearing of hats or caps to extra-curricular activities. 

    • Backless dresses, midriffs, and shirts not covering the shoulder area will not be allowed without a jacket or appropriate covering.

    • Jewelry such as spike rings, spike bracelets, wallet chains, etc. are not allowed at school.  Earrings may be worn; however jewelry may not be worn in any visible pierced areas of the body, including but not limited to the tongue, brow, etc.


    Mountain Brook Board of Education Policy J-19

    It is the policy of the Mountain Brook Board of Education that cleanliness in person and clothing of students should be such that others are not offended and that all articles of clothing worn by students should be in a good state of repair.