Degrees and Certifications:

Phyllis Farrar

Welcome to kindergarten! I’m so glad you are here! My name is Phyllis Farrar, and I love my job. I always knew I wanted to grow up to be a teacher. After taking some years off to rear my own children, I’ve loved being back in the classroom the last twelve years. It’s my great pleasure to introduce you, your child, and your extended family to the world of “big” school at Crestline Elementary! It is so rewarding to help shape this important first in children’s lives. I strive to celebrate all that is unique about each student in my classroom. After all, we all have different gifts. I will also emphasize the responsibilities involved in learning, creating, sharing, and working successfully with others. Like you, I had children in the Mountain Brook school system. Both of my children went to Crestline and graduated from Mountain Brook High School.  Rest assured that I work hard every day to give my students the best—from me, our classroom, and our system. Thank you for trusting me with your precious children. I will treat them as if they were my own.