• Roman Empire in Africa

    1. The desert set farther back in the mainland.
    2. Modern day Morocco to Egypt
    3. Learn to live an honest life without cheating others, to die covered in honors
    4. North Africa
    5. Migratory
    6. 485 feet by 400 feet; 40,000 people
    7. Political statement to encourage revolt against the Romans
    8. Where were the homes of wealthy citizens?  They were underground.
    9. air conditioning; thermal insulation
    10. power
    11. Jupiter, Juno, Minerva
    12. Because of the mosaics discovered there
    13. Prospered under conquerors; took the best of Rome for itself.

    Rome: Power and Glory — Rise Pt 1

    1. Napoleon
    2. 10 times larger
    3. 5,000 people and 11,000 animals
    4. 1 million
    5. 8,000 tons
    6. over 500,000 soldiers
    7. The story of Rome is the story of the world
    8. Stories of foreign peoples and exotic customs
    9. the Etruscans
    10. Reclined at dinner alongside men
    11. Overthrew the Etruscans
    12. Livy
    13. History
    14. No different than his own time
    15. 753 BCE; bend of the Tiber where they were found by the wolf

    Rome: Power and Glory — Rise Pt 2

    1. Who would be king.
    2. Priests of early Rome who divined will of the Gods
    3. Put both on a hill and watched the birds
    4. Remus, Romulus killed him
    5. 17 CE/AD, 142 volumes
    6. Servius Tullius; census
    7. Detailed every Roman’s obligations to the city; gave rights to citizens; groundwork for senate
    8. His daughter had him murdered in order to put her husband, Tarquin, on the throne
    9. He allowed brutality to flourish while he devoted himself to his own pleasure
    10. Tarquin’s son raped Lucretia, the “ideal” Roman matron
    11. The Romans went wild and killed Etruscans wherever they could find them
    12. Be ruled by a king
    13. Brutus (leader of the revolt) and Lucretius’ husband
    14. 2 consuls, elected by the people, served one-year terms
    15. The senate and the people of Rome
    16. 100 years
    17. The Roman legal ideas
    18. Had the opportunity to match their ancient heroes’ struggle against tyranny; to being anew the work of the ancient republicans
    19. 392 BCE
    20. A triumphant arch
    21. The Gauls (barbarians) showed up
    22. Find new land to inhabit
    23. They broke into Rome and ransacked it
    24. The Romans gave the Gaul’s everything they owned
    25. Nobleman who worked his own fields
    26. A military leader, called to office by the Senate, who had absolute power for six months
    27. He laid down his power and returned to his fields
    28. The struggle to resist the corrupting influence of so much power