• MBS uses the Roland hardware and the following software: Eduvision Live Event, Wirecast, and our Schoolwires webpage to do live broadcasts. We use the Roland in order to get a digital signal from our inputs (camera, iPad, laptop, microphones) into our computer running Wirecast. We tie our Eduvision Live Event to our Wirecast Program. We take our Live Event embed code from our Broadcast Eduvision Channel and paste it into our Schoolwires Live Broadcast page for easy access for teachers, students and parents.  
    Here's How: 
    For Live Broadcast, the Site Admin or the Channel Manager who has been given rights to Live Management can create a Live Event.
    1. Sign in to Eduvision on the computer into which the Roland is plugged.
    2. Admin/Live Management/Create an Event.
    3. Set your options.
    4. After you've created the event, go to Admin/Live Management/Edit Event and click Manage next to your live event.
    5. Note the FMS URL and the StreamName. (You will have to copy and paste these into Wirecast.) 
    6. Go to Admin/Live Management/Edit Event and click Edit next to your live event. Get your embed code player for this event (copy it).
    7. Go to your Schoolwires webpage where you want people to find your Live Stream and paste the embed code. If you have set your Live Event to be one year long event, then your embed player will be visible all the time, but you will only see the broadcast when you click stream from the Wirecast screen.
    8. Launch Wirecast on the computer that has the Roland feeding into it. 
    9. Select Output on the Wirecast window, and paste in the FMS URL and the StreamName from your Live Eduvision Event. Save this Wirecast Broadcast/Stream File. (Each day, you will open this same file in order to stream your live event.)
    10. Turn on your camera and other inputs and the Roland. Open the Wirecast File for your Stream/Broadcast. Click Stream. 
    11. Notice on your Schoolwires webpage, you can click play to see the Live Stream.
    You can add a password to this live stream event in Eduvision.  
    If you want to Record while you are Streaming your Live Broadcast:
    1. After you click Stream on the Wirecast window, click Output and change the output file type to mp4 and the location of the file to the C drive of the computer.  Then click record. Record. 
    2. When you are finished recording, click Stream to stop the stream, Record to stop recording and close the Wirecast Broadcast Window (WITHOUT SAVING--do not save--very important.)
    3. Your recorded file will be in the location you chose on the C drive. And when you open the Wirecast file to stream the next day, it will work fine because you did not save the recording settings.  
    4. Then you can log in to Eduvision and upload your recording.  
Last Modified on September 25, 2016