The Joys of Education

Advocacy Through Relationships


    Being an Advocate Through Relationships

    Thanks to all the students who take the time to listen and apply.

    Here are a few take-aways to think about:

    (Hopefully they can help lay the foundation for relationships)



    -It’s a two way street, but I am asking you to take the 1st step, make the 1st move.

    -Strive to build mutual respect.

    -Patience builds relationships, lack of destroys them.

    -How would my behavior appear if I saw it through a teacher’s eyes?

    -Act on your thoughts/insights. Ex: If you pick up that a teacher is having a bad day, let them know you understand.

    -If needed, apologize: A quick simple “my bad” goes a long way

    -Seek commonality, find ways to connect with your teachers

    -Contribute: offer something before asking for something

    -Follow up on gained insight through conversations.