Global & State Seal of Biliteracy at MBHS

  • Mountain Brook High School offers students both locally & globally recognized opportunities to earn a credential that certifies their proficiency in multiple languages.  Students can earn both the Alabama State Seal of Biliteracy & the Global Seal of Biliteracy by demonstrating proficiency in English and in French, Latin or Spanish.  In order to provide students with the greatest opportunity for success in achieving the Seal, students’ world language 4-year plan should include the following:  9th grade - Level 2 ; 10th grade - Level 3 ; 11th grade - Level 4.  If a student qualifies for and would like to utilize a retake option, s/he should plan to continue in 12th grade in AP or Level 5.  Please view the slide show below for more information about the path to earning these prestigious credentials.

    Students will apply for the Global and State Seals during Level 3 of their language study. 
    Applications will be distributed in language classes and will be due back to their language teacher by February 27, 2024.

    If the slide show below is not viewable from your device, please use this link:  
    Global / State Seal of BIliteracy at MBHS