What are the criteria for awarding the Seal of Biliteracy?

  • A student must demonstrate Intermediate-Mid proficiency in 2 languages, English and another language. In doing so, a student must commit to and complete at least 4 consecutive levels of study of the same world language during grades 8-12, and achieve proficiency requirements based on the following measurements:


    Intermediate-Mid proficiency in English is demonstrated by:

    A minimum score on 1 of the following assessments:

    • ACT – 20 English or Reading Comprehension
    • WIDA – Level 5.0 or higher composite score (*non-native speakers only)
    • AAPPL ESL – I4 (Intermediate 4) or higher (*non-native speakers only)


     Completed English Language Arts graduation requirement with a minimum 2.5 GPA for 4 credits


    Intermediate-Mid proficiency in another language is demonstrated by:

    Attaining the minimum score on ONE of the following assessments:

    • AAPPL Measure Score of I4 (Intermediate 4) or higher on all 4 components
    • Level B1 or higher on a CEFR test
    • National Latin Exam (NLE) at Intermediate-Mid level, or other equivalent
    • STAMP or OPI at intermediate-mid level (only if not offered in AP or AAPPL)
    • American Sign Language approved test