Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sims

This is Ms. Sims's fifth year at Brookwood Forest Elementary. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She will complete a masters degree in Elementary Education in the fall of 2021. Ms. Sims is from Memphis, TN, but Birmingham feels like home! She taught kindergarten at BWF for three years, and last year she began a new adventure in second grade!  Here are a few fun facts about Ms. Sims that you should know:


Top 10 Things You Should Know About Ms. Sims 

1. She changes her hair quite a bit! She has fun creating hairstyles all on her own.

2. She loves to read. Books by Mo Willems are her favorite!

3. She is neither an Alabama or Auburn fan, but all colors are welcome in the Shining Star family!

4. She is a plant lady! She is growing her indoor plant collection more and more each day! 

5. Her favorite dessert is Donuts! She loves going to her hometown to get Gibson's Donuts...yum!

6. She has a dog named Blue. She will talk about him a lot this year!

7. What is her favorite restaurant? Chick-fil-a of course!

8. Ms. Sims enjoys singing! She once played Cinderella in a musical called Into the Woods.

9. Ms. Sims LOVES teaching. She treats her classroom friends like family, and it makes her so happy to be able to help kids learn and grow. 

10. Ms. Sims LOVES Brookwood Forest. This school is a family, and she thinks there is no better place to be!