• Adam Johnson - Flipped Kit

    Project Conclusion

    Using the current Flipped Learning methodology as a guide, I attempted to design and implement an even more student-centered Flipped approach. My design intended to allow students to record (audio and video) their thinking while they were practicing and learning new information. I called this design a “Flipped Learning Kit.”   The students would use the kit to engage in activities and assignments while documenting their procedures, thinking and approaches along the way. 

    During the time I worked on designing and implementing the Flipped Kit, I ran into a lot of “snags” that were not predicted. I anticipated the issue of students being unfamiliar with the tablet/screenwriting device. What I did not anticipate was how steep the learning curve would be for that particular device. The next issue I ran up against (which was expected) was how to get students to record, upload and share out their video. While there are lots of options available for this, I was not able to land on one that was suitable for all students to use. I was trying to use PowerPoint Mix. It has all of the promise and all of the necessary parts and pieces for what I was trying to do. However, since it is in its infancy stages, there were lots of bugs and kinks in the program that were difficult to overcome. We made several attempts at using the Flipped Kit, some successful and some unsuccessful. The times that it worked, ultimately were done in class with a lot of help/support from the teacher.

     I learned that patience is something to never take for granted. I learned that regardless of how many variables you may prepare for, there are always going to be twice that many that you cannot prepare for; nor can you see them coming.

     Yes, the concept is scalable. I am still working on how to make the process streamlined for the students when they are not in the classroom with the help of the teacher.

     This was an awesome experience and I am thankful for what I learned. It is still nagging at me and is forever in the back of my mind because I didn’t successfully complete what I set out to do. I will keep working at it and continue to plug away.