• MBHS Clubs and Organizations 


    AMBASSADORS CLUB:  This is a coed service club designed primarily to assist new students and their families in becoming familiar with and involved in school activities.  The club will also render other services to the school and community as needed.  Members are selected on the basis of a written application and the consent of current membership.

    ART CLUB: Any student who is studying art and enjoys activities with others with the same interest is welcome to join this club.  Students may join at the first club meeting after school starts in the fall.

    National Art Honor Society: This is an honorary organization for outstanding Visual Art Students. Membership is based upon outstanding achievement of high standards and promoting visual art in the community.  To be considered for membership in the Mountain Brook High School Chapter, a student must  1) Be currently enrolled in a Level 2 or higher level visual arts class, 2) maintain an A average in all visual arts classes, and 3) have participated in approved community service events relating to visual arts.

    CHESS CLUB:  Club members study rules and strategies of chess and participate in chess matches.


    CIRCLE OF FRIENDS:  This is a service club open to all students with a desire to support and engage with other students experiencing difficult circumstances.  This student-led club is designed to reach out and help other students feel comfortable attending social events sponsored by the school and engaging in social outings in the community.

    CIVITAN CLUB: Junior Civitan club is a club dedicated to helping the community wherever it needs it most. Members and officers will decide what issues in the community need help and will plan a variety of events and fundraisers to aid the cause, and these students will be growing as leaders with every project they organize. Civitan is unique among other service organizations in its focus on a group atmosphere and targeted service, and as a club with local roots both in the work we do and the body which governs us.

    FILM CLUB:  The Film Club's sole purpose is to culturally educate and expand the cinematic knowledge of our members. Not only will they view films necessary to expand their knowledge, but the members and the school at large will also be educated on the significance and importance behind different films and their components.  This will be mainly achieved through six Film Club sponsored evening film screenings scheduled throughout the school year.  These screenings will be open to all students of MBHS not just the Film Club members.

    FIRST PRIORITY CLUB: A Christ based group that is student led.  It meets every Thursday before school at 7:15 in the black box theatre. 

    FRENCH CLUB:  French students at all levels are invited to join this club.  Its objective is to acquaint students with French culture.  Membership is open at the beginning of the school year.  Activities include French dinners, French speakers, and participation in Homecoming activities.

    FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY:  Membership in this organization is extended to students who: (1) are recommended by their teachers, (2) are enrolled in at least the second semester of French II, and (3) have an "A" average in all French courses, and a “B” average in other academic classes.  There is one tapping each year, in the spring.  There are about 5 meetings during the school year, consisting of a short business meeting followed by a program on French culture and language.

    FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA:  This is a national organization for all high school students interested in a career in business.  The purpose of the club is to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work, to create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise, to encourage the development of projects which contribute to the improvement of business and community, to develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism, to encourage and practice efficient money management, to encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty, and to assist students in the establishment of career goals.

    GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE:  Mountain Brook High School's Gay-Straight Alliance is a club opened to all students at MBHS. The mission of the GSA is to promote a safe and accepting environment for all students, regardless of sexuality, gender orientation, advocacy efforts, or personal beliefs.

    HEALTH AND WELLNESS CLUB- This club is open to any and all students who are interested in spreading awareness of dealing with one's well-being. In the meetings, we will discuss the issues revolving around drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide, stress, and anxiety and how to deal with them. We will be working with the Addiction Prevention Coalition to carry out our goals.

    HERITAGE PANEL:  Heritage Panel is an organization dedicated to social justice and working for change in schools.   The goal of the Heritage Panel at MBHS is to make the school a more welcoming and inclusive place.  Members are challenged to think about how their individual actions affect the school culture, and what steps they can take to change MBHS for the better.  Individuals are asked to make a commitment to discourage bullying, harassment and discrimination at MBHS.  Club activities will center on training and education of members and building awareness within the school.  The training of students and faculty participating in Heritage Panel is facilitated and directed by AmeriCorps and is a Social Justice Program of the YWCA of Central Alabama.

    INTERACT CLUB:  A selective co-ed service club devoted to helping the school and community in numerous ways.  Members are expected to complete at least 8 community service hours each nine weeks and commit to assisting with Interact sponsored events such as Habitat for Humanity, Mercedes Marathon and Relay For Life, etc.  Membership is open to students who are chosen based on their application plus faculty and current officer votes.  Students who wish to join must submit a letter of application in the spring. 

    INVESTMENT CLUB:  Our mission is to educate and inform the Mountain Brook High School student body about the importance of planning for their financial future through investment.

    JUSTICE CLUB: The purpose of the Mountain Brook Justice Club is to raise awareness in our community of modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and other social/international injustices and to do our part in stopping them.

    KEY CLUB:  This co-ed service organization serves the school and the community in many worthwhile service projects that include UNICEF, Children’s Hospital, March of Dimes, and Adopt a Stream.  Students wishing to join must submit a letter of application in the spring.  Once submitted, applicants will be scored according to application, teacher recommendation and current member vote.

    LATIN CLUB:  This club is open to all current and former Latin students interested in learning about classical language and culture.  Activities include building a homecoming float, Latin banquets, Classical Cinema, Latin convention and more! Our objective is to celebrate the ancient world and enjoy the many gifts left to us by our ancient forebears. Disce in schola!

    LATIN HONOR SOCIETY:  Latin students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for this organization:  (1) a "B+" average in at least three years of Latin (underclassmen); (2) an "A" average in two years of Latin (seniors); (3) recommendation by Latin teachers.


    MU ALPHA THETA:  Members of this society are tapped in the spring of each year and must meet the following standards:  (1) Seniors:  3.5 average in math courses beginning with Algebra I; (2) Juniors and Sophomores:  4.0 average in math courses beginning with Algebra I; (3) must be enrolled in Precalculus, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics or Calculus when tapped; (4) must have math teacher(s)’ recommendation.

    NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: In accordance with guidelines developed by the national office of the National Honor Society, a Faculty Council of five high school teachers selects students for induction into the NHS.  To be considered by the Council for membership in the MBHS chapter, one must first attain a minimum 92.0 cumulative grade point average in academic course work during the 10th -grade and the first semester of the 11th grade. (Students not tapped for membership during their 11th –grade year are considered for membership in their senior year, if their cumulative GPA through the first semester of the senior year reaches the minimum 92.0.) Those who achieve this standard are asked in February to complete a Student Activity Information Form, wherein they list their school and community activities, leadership positions and other experiences. Students who meet these academic standards and submit the form are then eligible for consideration by the Council on the basis of character, leadership, and service. Annual induction ceremonies are held in the spring

    In accordance with guidelines from the national office, the selection procedure for the NHS will be revised beginning with the 1999/2000 academic year. The academic standard of 92.0 GPA will remain the same. Those who achieve this standard will be asked in early February to complete a Student Activity Information Form, prepared by the national office, and a parent is to sign the completed form to verify its accuracy. The form is divided into 5 sections: Co-curricular Activities; Leadership Positions; Service Activities; Other Community Activities; Work Experience, Recognition, and Awards. The information will be used by the Faculty Council to assist with the selection process. Submission of the form does not guarantee selection.

    NATURAL HELPERS:  This club is comprised of a cross section of students from the high school.  Membership is open to all students.  All members must complete a one-day training session designed to enhance the listening skills of members and to provide them with an awareness of resources available to assist in dealing with crisis.  Additionally, information is presented on various issues that may emerge within peer groups.  The purpose of the club is to provide peer support within the various peer groups at the high school. 


    R.E.A.D. CLUB:  The purpose of this club is to encourage those who do not read to find a love of reading, to remind those who used to read why they loved it, and to help readers to find others like them.

    CLIMBING CLUB: The Climbing Club is a student run organization to provide an opportunity for students who enjoy the sport of climbing to venture with other climbers, to provide an opportunity for students who desire to learn how to climb by assembling more advanced climbers to mentor them in the learning process.


    SIGN LANGUAGE: Sign Language Club is a student-led organization which is open to any high school student passionate about helping members of the deaf community. Through this club, participants will gain communication skills in American Sign Language, serve members Mountain Brook’s deaf community-especially in the elementary schools, and help increase acceptance for students with disabilities. We hope to use sign language as a means for service through tutoring younger students with hearing loss, serving as mentors or ambassadors for younger students with hearing loss, or participating in other donations or charitable organizations.

    SPANISH CLUB:  This club is open to all Spanish students and is an active organization that supports our fellow students, increases our knowledge of Hispanic culture, exhibits school spirit, and performs service in our community.  The club seeks to further our appreciation of Spanish and the many opportunities that exist with a solid proficiency in the language.

    SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY: Students who have completed their third year of Spanish and have maintained an A average in their Spanish courses are invited to join this national organization.  New members are tapped in the spring.

    STAGE CREW:  Any student interested in the technical aspects of play production is invited to join the stage crew.  Members are involved in set construction, painting, lighting, sound and stage management during performances.

    STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION:  This association is designed to involve students in a meaningful and appropriate way in responsible decision-making concerning school policies and activities.  Only juniors may run for the offices of President, Girls' Vice-President, Boys' Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, and Representative.  Among other qualifications, candidates must have a "B" average in order to run for President and Vice-President, and a "B" average in order to run for any of the other offices.  A “C” average is required to run for representative.  Elections are held each May.

    THESPIANS:  The objective of this club is to stimulate interest in the dramatic arts.  All students can join but to be accepted into International Thespians, the student must have at least 100 hours of work in drama.  Students may join in the fall or spring.  Activities consist of work on the play productions, district and state Trumbauer Competition, and the state Thespian Competition.

    ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB:  This club is open to all students who are interested in playing ultimate frisbee with other students.  In addition to organizing weekly games open to any who wish to play, the members of this club show school spirit by constructing a homecoming float and supporting other athletic teams.

    YOUNG MODERATES:  This is a student-run forum for open, nonpartisan, discussion of political ideas. We stand to provide a place for students who are seeking an open group to meet and discuss social, economic, and political issues civilly.


    NATURALIST CLUB: The club will learn about, enjoy, and observe the natural world that surrounds us on campus and in the community, beginning with the birdlife on campus. Activities might include such cross-curricular cooperative efforts as tracking and reporting bird migration, hosting art/photography shows that highlight the natural world on school grounds, or the creation of appropriate habitat enhancements on campus (bird feeders, birdbaths, plants as food sources). We will draw on resources available through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the national and local Audubon Society. We need servant leaders of all ages to join us, including scientists, mathematicians, creative writers, visual artists, carpenters, and gardeners.


    CLIMBING CLUB:  The Climbing Club is a student-run organization to provide an opportunity for students who enjoy the sport of climbing to venture with other climbers, to provide an opportunity for students who desire to learn how to climb by assembling more advanced climbers to mentor them in the learning process.

    MBHS SFLA:  Students for Life was founded to organize and activate pro-life students on campus.  Members of Students for Life work to protect life from conception to natural death, particularly those lives threatened by abortion, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia.  In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at and on a local, state and national level, to educate on life issues, to help those in need so that life is a promising choice and to work with others who share common goals.”