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    What Is the Global Cardboard Challenge?

    The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual initiative of the Imagination Foundation inspired by the short film Caine’s Arcade.  Through this project, we hope to celebrate and foster the power of creative play and imagination.  In addition, this project incorporates STREAM, design concepts, and important 21st-century skills.  Students can build arcade games, gadgets, castles, robots, rocket ships, and/or and anything else they can dream up out of cardboard.

    Students (K-6th) may design cardboard creations of their choice alone or with a group.  Students may work on plans/designs in class at the discretion of their teacher and at home. The Global Challenge is October 5, 2019 so students may display creations on (TBA).  Details for display will be announced soon.


    How Can Students Participate?

    • Classes could work together to make a class design.
    • Students may work in groups to create and build.
    • Students may work individually on projects.


    Helping Students use Creative Thinking Skills for Ideas/Creations

    Fluency – Make a list of the many, varied, unusual things you could make out of cardboard.  Let your imagination soar.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Choose your best idea/design.  What makes this idea your top choice?  Is this a unique idea?

    Flexibility – How might you use cardboard and other craft additions to represent your best idea?  How might you use materials in different ways to represent details for your creation?

    Elaboration – How might you add specific details to enhance your creation?  Add several details to distinguish your design from someone else’s design.

    Originality – How is your design original and unique?  Can you combine ideas or add new ideas to your creation?


    Planning your Design

    • Draw a design of what you would like to create.
    • What materials would you need in addition to cardboard and tape to create your idea? Keep these minimal.
    • What steps will you need to follow in order to make your design?
    • Outline the steps you will need to follow.
    • What are some challenges you might face?



    Watch Cane’s Arcade Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faIFNkdq96U

    Global Cardboard Challenge - http://imagination.org/our-projects/cardboard-challenge/

    “Cardboard Creators:  Reusing to Learn”