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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Vicki Norrell

Vicki Norrell is the Administrators Assistant to MBHS’s Principal, Philip Holley.  She also works alongside with Assistant Principles Jeremy Crigger and Carrie Busby.  Vicki understands how important communication, empathy, and togetherness are within a school and strives in having a large role in the process.  She knows how parents and students rely on these skills as they progress through their education.   

Living in England provided Vicki with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the multiple cultures that surround us and to become more aware and respectful of individual differences and experiences.  In both her spare and work time she enjoys coordinating, participating, and attending special events.  She works hard to ensure that each event results in a truly enjoyable, memorable time. 

Most of all, Vicki enjoys embracing life with her two kids and enjoying it to the fullest.  She believes you never know what tomorrow will bring, so enjoy today!