• What is an eDay? An eDay is a day in which students receive their classroom instruction electronically.  eDay lessons are valuable instruction linked to grade level standards and in-class learning. eDays provide our students with the following benefits: 

    • Practice with online learning, developing effective and creative ways to promote instruction beyond the classroom walls.
    • Preparation and practice in the event an eDay is called due to emergency circumstances.

    How do we ensure a successful eDay? 

    • All students go through Classlink to access Grade Level eDay.
    • Each teacher creates his/her own Class eDay and posts in a Digital Tool: Google Classroom or Canvas(5th/6th). If you want to link to multiple resources, those links can be placed in yoru Canvas or Google Classroom.
    • Students have prior in-class & at-home practice with all Tools & Skills used in eDay Lessons.
    • All eDay resources work from home on iPad, Chromebook & Computer.
    • Brief instruction to access eDay is located off each Homeroom Webpage. Verbiage Below:

      “Welcome to our (insert date here) eDay. Please login through Classlink like we have practiced to access your eDay in (insert resource here). Please visit your PE teacher and your special teacher’s website for their eDay information.“ (Instructional Video for Teachers Here)

    • Specials & PE eDay Lessons are clearly linked on their webpage.

    What if your student has trouble accessing an eDay?

    1. Ask your student because each teacher has given students detailed instruction and practice accessing and using all tools & skills needed for the eDay.
    2. Check out the Student/Parent Helps here.
    3. Contact your child's classroom teacher.