For those candidates that did not make the roster this year, thank you for your hard work and effort.  There isn’t one person who tried out that didn’t give it her best. I will gladly discuss strengths and weaknesses via email (martinp@mtnbrook.k12.al.us).  I encourage all of you to continue to work and try out again in the future.


    Upcoming dates:

    April 8th Uniform swap (not mandatory) at the high school at 3:30.  (Bring multiple checks and/or Venmo)

    April 9th at 4:30 Uniform fitting (absolutely mandatory)


    April 15th at 4:30  Info/Camp Meeting

    April 28th Physicals at the high school

    May 28-30 Cheer Camp at the JH

    Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Freshman Cheerleaders.  


    Blakeney, Parker Addison

    Butler, Maddie

    Cobb, Ella

    Crabtree, Kendall

    Crane, Ella

    Gillis, Caroline

    Grant, Miggy

    Grooms, Julia

    Haley, Jane

    Hemstreet, Elise

    Hicks, Ella

    Jones, Lauren

    Kampakis, Sophie

    Ledoux Elizabeth

    McMillan, Kate

    Simmons, Linley

    Thomas, Mckenzie

    Walters, Natalie


    Girls, please celebrate with those that made it.  Please comfort and encourage those that didn't. GSG