• Google Apps in First Grade--It is so exciting to watch the littles get excited about learning something new.

    Chromebooks are a new tool this year for our first grade students (& teachers). They've had to learn & show their students a new way of doing tasks that they've been use to doing on desktops and laptops for years, & they've been doing a great job.

    Recently in two of the first grade classes, we talked a little more in depth about using Google Classroom & Google Docs in Research. They explored ways to make it easier for students using Google Apps on the Chromebooks, to access work, complete tasks like searching and inserting images and formatting text and graphics, and turning in that work. The teachers learned new options to access those completed assignments and even print them in color utizlizing folders in the teacher's Google Drive that Classroom automatically creates.

    The first grade students are awesome. They can do so much and are eager to learn and help their friends. One little girl had the magic of ctrl z and was excited to share that with others. Another student was awed by ctrl c and crtl v and even ctrl c. It should not surprise me that they had no problem Adding work from their Google Drive and Turning in Digital Artifacts like their reserch document to their teacher's Google Classroom.

    But I was pleasantly surprised by them, but they knew they could do it before they even got started! Mrs. Holder, Mrs. Corriher, Mrs. Bierbrauer, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Dillard rock! 

    If you'd like to know more about using Google Apps in your classroom, please consider joining our online small group this summer, Google Apps for Littles in the K-3 Classroom). 

    Please see the pictures and videos below.