• CES 2018-2019 Learning Opportunities with Technology

    I. Learning Conference Workshops I can revisit with you or your grade level:

    II. Small Groups 2018-2019:

    • zSpace Training for Interested Teachers (Summer & Sept 6)
    • Online Small Group Canvas Courses: No Fear Coding & Google Apps for Littles (Alpha Cohort Summer, 2018, Beta Cohort Begins Oct 1)
    • LINKIT PD Sept-October Hands On Resources that Amplify Student Voice.
    • New Teacher On-Going Monthly Training--Sept: Brainpop Educator-Game Up, SnapThought, Make a Map, Make a Movie, Assigning Resources Digitally: Oct: Setup Teacher iPad & Apple ID.
    • No Fear Coding Classroom Teacher Follow Up Beebot Training & Resources- Aug 29
    • Classroom of the Future Training for LINKIT Leaders
    • Hapara some of the Kindergarten teachers & classes as invited.
    • Seesaw 1st Grade and 2nd Grade -Adding Students, Inviting Parents, Finding Activities
    • Digital Literacy Computer Science Curriculum Work -All grade levels in Sept
    • ViewSonic Viewboard Training for 2nd Grade - October 9th-looked at some updates, general operation of the board and tools, and examples of using the viewboard 2.0 software on the laptop in conjunction with the board for a prewriting compare and contrast lesson, Google Slides and Interactive math manipulatives and Google Earth and Arts & Culture with 360 photos.
    • Google Classroom-Kindergarten
    • Beebot Introduction -K and 1 individual teacher & classes as invited 
    • Google Certified Educator Cohort - school-wide small group opportunity
    • Makey Makey - 4th grade co-teaching experience
    • Chatterpix/Seesaw - 2nd grade/school-wide offer for app smashing for animal research/sharing St. Patrick's Day Work
    • Google Classroom/Google Slides/Seesaw & Story Book App/Seesaw - 2nd grade teachers ideas for Memory Books
    • Wevideo - co-teaching in 5th and 6th grade to introduce wevideo to all students. 
    • Google Certified Educator Small Group 4th Grade plus Other Participants from various grade levels.

    III. Tech Leaders Training/Meetings: (Ask your Tech Rep About these Topics.)

    • September: Common Sense Media Lessons & Processes; Status of Grade Level on setting up & using Classlink, Google Classroom, Canvas, Brainpop and Seesaw with their students; Google Expedition Demonstration &  Sign up Calendar for training.
    • October: Info sent via email-Wevideo Demo Login for Leaders to try, Reminded them to share their Google Expedition Experience with their Grade Level and share updated directions, Introduced 3DBear, Asked them to get with their Grade about renewing Discovery and sharing their thoughts with me and the administration, Reminder about Google Classroom updates and Classroom taking care of all sharing rights and adding folder for the teacher in Google Drive by class, assignment, student name.
    • November: Image Searching, iPad Replacement, Google Classroom Tips: Push URL through "Share to Classroom" extension and Google Form as Quiz, Mirror 360 Review, Updates on Discovery, Wevideo, zSpace & Beebot/Bluebot. 

    IV. Tuesday, After School Sessions 3:00-3:30. If your grade level/group wants more information on these topics or to "dive deeper" than an introduction, schedule a time for me to work with your grade level. Directions and resources for each topic were emailed & posted on my blog for teachers who like to work independently. 

    Session 1: Chromebook-So Now You are Teaching with Chromebook-Basic Navigation, Tips, and Tools

    Session 2: iPads-So I have iPads in my room-Tips on Managing & Using

    Session 3: Classlink: Managing Accounts, Editing Passwords & Google Classroom: Setting up your Class & Adding Assignments

    Session 4: Brainpop-Setting up your Class, Assigning Content, Using Educational Resources

    Session 5: Seesaw-Setting up your Class, QR code vs Google Sign Up, Parent information, Activities

    Session 6: Digital Citizenship-Common Sense Media & Other Resources

    Session 7: Code.org--How to Navigate, Teacher Resources, Student Access, Unplugged Activities

    Session 8: Flexible teaching--Mirror 360, Splashtop, Digital Formative Assessment Tools

    Session 9: Gamify your Class.

    Session 10: Movie Making with the iPad-Green Screen DoInk, Touchcast

    Session 11: Scratch