Carpool Safety
  • MBE Carpool Procedures

    In reviewing our safety procedures, we want to emphasize procedures for both morning and afternoon carpool that would better support our efforts in this area. Please invest time in reviewing these notes and updates with your family.


    There are two monitored drop off areas for our school.

    1. Cambridge- The entry underneath the building in which Cambridge carpool students should ONLY be dropped off at the crosswalk under the building. This includes anyone who is participating in a leadership role. This entry should only be accessed by traffic approaching the school from Watkins Road or Cambridge Road and is a one-way turning right onto Heathermoor during carpool hours. When exiting, cars may only turn right onto Heathermoor then left at the stop sign, as proceeding straight is not an option and will be blocked with a barricade.

    ***Walkers must use the front door entrance to enter and exit. Please remind walkers to use sidewalks and avoid the parking lot, as vehicles backing up can have limited vision. Due to safety hazards, students should also not be dropped off by a vehicle in the parking lot or on the road to walk in.


    1. Heathermoor- The entry that is beside the tennis courts and makes a loop around the parking lot. Please be mindful that this is where most employees park so drive slowly as you watch for cars backing out of parking spots. This entry should only be accessed by traffic approaching the school from Cahaba Road and is a one-way turning right onto Heathermoor during carpool hours. When exiting, cars may only turn left back onto Heathermoor and towards Cahaba Road.



    Morning Carpool (7:20-7:50)

    • Morning carpool opens at 7:20am. Lancers will only be supervised by school personnel at this time and should avoid arriving earlier. Lancers are dismissed directly to their classrooms at 7:40, so arrival at the time or later warrants a child going directly to class.
    • Lancers in Cambridge carpool and all Walkers will report directly to the lunchroom upon arrival.
    • Lancers in Heathermoor carpool will report directly to the community room hallway upon arrival.
    • Please note that doors in the back of the building where Heathermoor carpool enters will automatically lock at 7:50 am. If you are arriving at that time or later, your child will need to use the front door entrance and be signed in at the front desk by an adult.


    Afternoon Carpool (2:50-3:00)

    • Any changes to carpool should include an email addressed to the homeroom teacher of the Lancer. When writing an email please include vital information, such as the change in transportation, if it will be a different person picking up, car rider, and a contact number to verify change or if there are any questions from the school. The deadline for carpool changes is 2:00. The last hour of school often includes a number of variables that complicate a teacher receiving the notification. This deadline will help avoid any missed communication that could result in confusion for the Lancer who was unable to receive the message in time.
    • Drivers are asked not to line up for carpool before 2:40. Our school engages in ongoing conversations with the City and Police officials regarding the traffic associated primarily with carpool. The City has asked us to continue to relay the helpfulness of not lining up on the streets until carpool has officially started. This will reduce standing traffic and lines in our surrounding area. It also will show respect to neighbors who may be unable to exit their driveways.
    • Upon completion of carpool, Lancers will be escorted to the office to call appropriate contacts for transportation home. At 3:15, all Lancers will be escorted to EDP if they have not been picked up and the staff will oversee their activities until someone picks them up. Please note there is a financial obligation to using these services that is detailed in the EDP guidelines.


    Thank you for partnering with us as we focus on keeping safety a top priority!