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Career Exploration

  • 5th Grade Career Exploration

    Below is the link to a Power Point Presentation for Week 1 of 5th Grade's Career Exploration Unit.  The purpose of sharing this presentation with students is to help them...

    • Understand that their career goals may change as they learn about themselves and the world
    • Help students connect the work they do now with their future career
    • Inspire students to consider their interests, talents, and knowledge to explore what they may want to be

    Ms. Eldridge's Road to Counseling

    Paws in Jobland - CFNC

    The lessons for this unit are adapted from a career development unit created by Kelsy Augst and Dr. Patrick Akos.  Throughout this unit, students will explore their current interest and talents, explore how individuals working in different careers use reading, writing, math, and science, and explore a career of possible interest to them.

    To learn more about Ms. Augst's and Dr. Akos' unit, please follow the link below:

    With All Your Power, What Will You Do?


    Through the links below, you will find resources available to you to explore different career resources.  

    Click on the following link to watch videos about different career clusters and different jobs within those categories. -- Education Planner Career Videos

    Click on the following link to take the Career Clusters Assessment!