• About TED

    TED is a nonprofit organization that allows speakers to spread their ideas. TEDx events are independently organized TED events where any community speaker has the opportunity to share their idea. Similarly, TED-Ed Clubs are organized at schools where students use a set curriculum to develop a talk to be sent to TED-Ed at the end of the year. Through these many outlets, TED has expanded and inspired people across the globe.


The TEDx sign, displayed at every event since the first. hangs over the stage from at TEDxYouth@MBJH 2018..
  • What We Do

    The MBHS TED Club strives to spread student ideas through the TED-ED Clubs process and an annual TEDx event. Every year, students use their passions to create outstanding and unique talks that they feel the community (and the world) should hear. Students are required to record their talk and send it to TED-Ed, but they can also choose to present it live at our annual TEDx event. We also draw on our amazing community and their unique experiences to provide a variety of talks. 


  • Why You Should Join

    TED is an amazing organization that has given a voice to countless people with amazing passions and ideas. You are no different. Every person has their own unique experience with life, and there is always something that you may have gone through or heard about that other people have not. It is important to share your ideas with the world because some of the things that seem the most minute or commonplace can actually be revolutionary. If you don't think that TED is for you, you are wrong because TED exists to connect ideas and people. We especially encourage you to join if, while reading about everyone's unique passions and interests, yours immediately popped into your head. Please share your passions with the world, because no one else ever can or should.